Squadron Toxic Behabiour

Within the past months the increase of hate spech, teamkilling, anti gameplay and toxic behaviour coming from squadrons as increased greatly, attempting to play a air rb or ground rb match in a plane to be hunted down by 4 teammates in a squad all from the same squadron just because your a member/have related names to per example the furry community or have a different sexuallity has made matchs extremly dificult to enjoy. i bring here foward one of those squadrons “[BOWL] Brigade of Warmongering lemmings” where the owner it self incentives the members of the squadron to teamkill and be toxic to people.
this is a example coming from one of their members, i’ve received messages from more but proceeded to delete and block the said people.

Ouch, Yeah i get that a lot as well

its actually disapointing being that even with these types of communitys being more accepted now awadays and even within the war thunder community makes me laught but still its nothing to laught at when this starts to influenciate the gameplay. if someone wants to be toxic write it in chat message it or smth . at least we have a quick solution to that aka mute n block. but getting teamkilled i feel like there should be a ingame vote or smth players could do to kick that person from the match for tk

I usually just ignore them. Then it’s their talking to no one

yeah i just report and blocked them, proceeded to report the squadrom aswell for the behaviour
its not worfit my energy to respond to this 10yo ego boosted kids

Just turn chat off …simple

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That’s not the solution, and this needs to be handed to the game masters.

I had this situation happen to me where I DARED to contradict a squadron leader who then got their and another 2 squadrons to mass report me, and hound me in chat for a month.

Turning off chat doesn’t fix this, and it doesn’t address this. It needs to go to the GMs, and they need to actually act on the situation because if it isn’t, it can escalate and continue without anything to stop it.

I got mass reported, and every time I said anything in chat some pleb would jump in making out anything I said was nonsense…