Squad Matchmaker in Air RB


Why in Air RB do you allow squads to match up against individuals?

Squads should have to match up against squads. If one team has one squad, the other should also have one squad.

This allows for abusive gameplay. From what i can tell, this is the only game mode where this is allowed.

Squads are available in all modes.


I’m assuming the matchmaker isn’t designed to do that, especially with the “automatically join squads” option being available.


I’d wonder if they’re conflating squadron and squad as many have in the past.

The matchmaker does try and get level squads into matches I’m sure.

I’m not quite sure, because the game will make squads if players have that option checked. I would assume that is any “balancing” of squads that happens if any at all.

There’s a difference between the autosquads, and the player made ones, and that is usually the balanced group, not the autos.

That’s just how I notice it anyways… If there’s a made squad of 3-4, there’ll be a matched one on the opposite side if possible.

The ones that are more gold, are made, the normal autos are just normal player colors.

The auto-squad function gives you only one teammate while you can join while you can actually participate in a four-man squad. And why not, after all, this is a team game.

The thread starter is in a squadron himself and has every opportunity to do so.

PS.: Nope, as I see now he is commanding just one other member in his squadron…

I’m aware of that, but I don’t think everyone distinguishes squad from squadron as the conflation happens when people advise people to join squadrons to join squads.

It’s a default setting… You are only without a teammate if you have it disabled or if you are left with an odd number or if others have it disabled.

I’d just like it if it wouldn’t squad me with someone at 4K AGL and 400kph while I’m starting on the ground…

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lol, this could actually be a suggestion to be made…

Auto-squading based on the like vehicles… Bomber squad, attacker squad, fighter squad…

That could actually be something quite good to be honest, even have dynamic squads be a potential so you can request and join a squad in the match on the fly.

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