Squad invite bug


I receive invitation to squad, then I join to it, but there is only my icon in the squad, and my friend have only his icon without my presence…
So, game cannot start because we have to reject some squad application (some imaginary, mine application) but…lol… My friend cannot reject my application because I am member IN THE squad.
We restarted game… We try again… And, if I invite him, he accepts invitation, but he is not in squad.
Also I cant leave created squad. Is it this maybe a Bugthunder???

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Same happend to me and a friend

so im not the only one it did say operation timed out do keep in mind over 200k people are playing so the hamster is dying

It’s not the hamster if you can show this as being a possible bug…

btw, now is new problem.
During game in squadron battles, occasionally showed message that I am not authorized to perform action!!! What action??? I am in battle. I can’t aim because message pop up!!

it fixed itself once people logged off

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So you’re saying to turn it off and on again ;)

no just to not have over 200k people playing

It’s an issue with server load.
WT has record number of players, over 20% more active players than ever before.