Spotting in VR

Pretty self explanatory, I recently picked up a second hand reverb from a friend who was upgrading for a very cheap price, very good condition, tried it out last night and was blown away by the immersion.

One thing I have noticed though is compared to my 4k monitor in SB my spotting is ABYSMAL, I’ll lose sight of a plane less than 1km away as he goes down towards the ground, it’s like he just vanishes or plane texture and ground texture become one or something. OR I’ll see dots and zoom in and they’re invisible until really really close.

Curious about the other SB players what settings you use in VR. I’ve downloaded openXR and set up sharpening etc to my liking but yes planes vanishing like a cloaking field is really difficult to deal with!

Any tips or advice from VR SB players please.


Also a Reverb G2 user here.
I know what you mean. Especially with clouds in the background planes like to vanish.

Deactivate “Dynamic LUT” in the PostFX settings. It looks awful in VR.
For the rest you have to play around with ground texture quality, cloud quality, contrast, ect. until you find a setting that works for you.

One additional thing you have in VR is the fact that you only have a clear, high resolution image in the center. To the sides it getting worse, so planes may be “filtered” away in your peripheral field of view.
You have to move your head more than your eyes.

Its quite annoying, but you get used to it and have to re-learn the spotting.
But the immersion is worth it 200%. I can´t play fly sims on the flat screen anymore.
It just feels wrong and boring ;)

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Ooooooh how I agree…

It’s so immersive. I sometimes fly, pick up my smartphone to check the time, and wonder why i don’t see it, before realizing I’m still in the cockpit…

Moving the head is important, yes, but just imagine you’re wearing a bulky helmet with an also restricted FOV: You also need to move your head more IRL, I think…

Yeah coming from a track IR setup with tweaked curves so IF i move my head like 45 degrees I can check my six easy VR is a struggle to check six haha, but yes absolutely right so immersive.

My first kill was an XP 50, I was in J2m5 with 30mm cannons, I thought the XP 50 was a bomber!!! it was so huge on my screen compared to on a flatscreen haha.

Yes agreed. Definitely need to relearn spotting but when I am following a plane in a dive and his plane suddenly vanishes into the ground texture and he’s invisible from pretty close range. Sometimes all I can see is the wind trail on the wings… very immersion killing. Or if I see two planes a little far off as black dots see some tracer etc, fly towards them they pop out of existence then pop back in suddenly when I’m closer like they deactivated a cloaking field. This is too unrealistic to me. VR is immersive and fun but if I want to kill something trackIR is still superior in that aspect.

I read the support forums seems this is an ongoing issue for sometime, hope they fix it soon. I’ll be flying around il2 mostly in VR until spotting is improved. Il2 planes are usually harder to spot in general but they don’t go invisible or cloak lol

I’ve made a few posts about this. It’s been a problem for around 2 years now.
Spotting used to be pretty good. Maybe a little too good and now it just sucks and I don’t think it’s anywhere on Gaijins priority list given how long it’s been a issue.

For me it seems to be within a bubble of when a plane becomes visible and it seems to depend on altitude so it’s very easy to get snuck up on if you haven’t checked a patch of sky in the last 30 seconds. Outside of that bubble planes just flash in and out of render.
As for anything below you it’s just terrible especially on maps with water or different shades of terrain.
Like you said diving after planes that just vanish as they near the ground is pretty common also.

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Any work arounds or settings you’ve discovered to alleviate the cloaking device issue? I’ve tried low textures I’ve tried high. My rig can handle what I throw at it just wish planes would stay visible!!

Nah honestly I gave up trying to find a fix and just stopped playing altogether. Every now n then I will check back in to see if they have fixed it but they never do.
I think alot of players left SB because of economy reasons so I guess not many posts get put up about the spotting in VR

Really surprised at how many spotting threads there are in the support forums going back a while. Not surprised people would leave in that situation. I played some il2 in my current campaign run through and spotting is harder but once I have them I will not lose them unless I look away at something else for too long. I don’t understand why this is such an issue in warthunder.

I think a while back they changed something so you could see friendlies further away but enemies appeared alot thinner and don’t render till closer but it just doesn’t translate well in VR.
Only fix I found was sticking to maps like Tunisia as it’s the only way you stand a chance of seeing anyone below you but still leaves the problem of altitude spotting within the render bubble.
If you just stick to turn fighting and get stuck into the fur ball it’s not so bad but boom and zoom is frustrating at times as anyone not within that bubble isn’t going to render. high or low

There’s a clock in most cockpits… though the minute hand is incorrect (for some reason) the hour hand is correct.

Oh well it’s such a shame because of the variety of planes.

I’ve been having an absolute blast in flying circus, it’s just pure VR dopamine haha, you have to get close to fight. The planes are slower also less visual issues. Iron gunsights if any at all. So much fun. Any oldies in this forum will appreciate wings of glory an old ww1 dos game :D man how far games have come since those days. I use to play with a Microsoft sidewinder feedback pro haha. In my childhood mind it looked like flying circus but if you go find one you’ll realise just how amazing the flight sim genre has come! I still enjoy warthunder of course but I’m sticking to track ir for it for now due to this cloaking bullshit.

Flying circus… first I’ve heard of it looks fun. Wings of glory haha showing ya age abit there.
First flying game I remember playing was Luftwaffe commander. Probably why I prefer the german planes in Warthunder.

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Wings of glory and chuck yeagers air combat were my first two sims I got to enjoy thanks to my dad :)
It’s only gotten better since then. Crazy to think when im in my 50’s-60s that VR and flight sims maybe to the point of photorealism.

wings of glory was ahead of its time, had a bomb camera, rocket camera, etc, the campaign had a serious plot including espionage and other shenanigans, was an amazing game for it’s time.

Can only imagine the price of pc components by then needed to run it :(

this was before 3d cards haha, game fit on one of those large floppy disks lol

For everyone having trouble with disappearing planes and clouds:
Try to delete your cache folder.
It seems that there is some old, not compatible stuff in it that causes problems.

Since I deletet it, the spotting is 200% better with crisp and clear silhouettes.