Spitfires are literally untouchable. You should do something to balance it out, because it's getting out of hand

Only FR47, played with F MkXVII but not much.

It’s Spitfire with Griffon which sounds like it’s going to be good, but because of navalisation it’s damn heavy. Good for catching up to jets in a dive tho. Climbspeed wise it’s worse than Sea Fury but at least it’s fairly maneuverable compared to Sea Fury.

In short it’s just another Spitfire made for energy fighting since unlike other Spits you are not outturning many planes. If you’ve played Griffon Spitfires you’ll have similar experience but a bit worse because it’s much heavier and has less ammo (496 rounds iirc). It works best at high altitude but well, no one really fights up there.

I’ve mainly done BnZ with some defensive flying when needed, sometimes you can just run away with a slight dive depending on what’s chasing you.

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