Spitfires are literally untouchable. You should do something to balance it out, because it's getting out of hand

My 20 mm bearcat waiting to eat anything that try’s it at 6.3.

Depends. Yak3 will win if it can abuse its absolutely bullshit energy retention, Mk9 will win if it can get guns within the first turn or two.

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Whats the user’s skin it’s nice.

Here, bit older but still works fine, unlike some other user skins that lost the unpainted aluminum look and are just grey paint.


I’m wondering if to an extent the instructor is slightly gimping the Zero. In SB trying to turn fight a Zero in any Spitfire is a catastrophically bad idea.

Assuming equal skill.

At the end spitfires and zeros are the meta at prop tier. Why we don’t nerf all of them?

Zeros already got overBR’d cause dumb US mains think its great idea to turnfight em. Like A6M5s slower than bombers at the BR.

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I think they aren’t really made for balanced gameplay. What can I do even in my yak 3 they outturn me they getting faster then me and I just need to hope that they make a mistake or my team comes help. Dogfighting is only possible if they overshot once but after that u can just prey that they won’t hit.

Zeros aren’t meta in any way. They can’t force a fight at all due to their low speed and weak engines.

If a Zero is going faster than your Yak 3, you’ve already made a serious mistake earlier. Why not go play japan and try out the Zeros? Maybe you’ll understand their disadvantages better then.

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Because I get gajined if I would play them XD

Maybe you should master the art of gaijining others while not getting gaijined yourself then.

If I have 12 hours time for war thunder every day I will

There, fixed it for you.

Having played the Zeros, they are overtiered as hell. The A6M5 Ko went from 4.3… to 4.7… to 5.0 pretty dang quickly. It isn’t even that good of a plane! It’s got 125 rounds per 20mm and once you are out you are screwed. It can turn, sure, but that’s it. You aren’t moving faster than anybody, and honestly, you aren’t outgunning anybody anyway. At best you might outclimb someone, but given you 90% of the time are with the US and against Germany and Russia, that’s an unlikely outcome anyway. It’s a miracle I’m able to perform on the plane nowadays, as it is with anyone, but then again I usually played it back when you faced the US so it makes sense why my stats are still sorta ok.

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“Spitfires are literally untouchable”

Do we tell him what properly flown F4U can do?


entirely depends what type. the f4u4 and the f4u1s are great. but the f4u4b and f4u1c are far from untouchable.

F4U4B can be, but the F4U1C is straight up dogshit, I don’t know why people fly it.

I haven’t touched it really but I like the challenge some planes offer sometimes.

I’ve spaded Seafire FR47 with 2K/D when it was 6.0, was a pain to do that but there was also satisfaction that I’ve managed to do well with that heavy cow.

I’m thinking of doing the seafires, I have them researched but not bought. Any tips for them? I’m assuming you flown all of them.