Spitfire F mk 24

I found the BR change for the mk24 pleasing enough to give it a try after a while. After a few battles I was happy to see a lot of other players had the same idea, and for the most part more experienced players.

First game I got was a full downtier, a total of 2 mk24s including me. Went as expected, an easy victory. Afterwards is where my point begins:

The same old story: An excesive amount of uptiers and with EC like maps, where planes like the 262 get an airspawn while you, which are a slower prop, have to take off from the airfield. By the time you arive at the battlefield the game is either over or there is a su11 left running around (you can’t do nothing about it). And enjoy have 0 score and getting nothing after wasting 15 minutes of your time. Full uptiers (above 7.3 usually) was an instant J-out for me, couldn’t be bothered to repeat the same thing over and over with little to no change. In the games (full uptiers) I did not J out we usually won (USA was usually the majority of the enemy team, so nothing unexpected), where also our team composition was 1/2 mk24s for multiple games.

Wanted to share this and see if anyone else has similar issues or a counterpoint.


Compression sucks and gaijin is doing nothing but compressing.


While as gatekeeper as it may sound, having a bunch of veterans doing from decent to great games in a niche plane within a compromised br it’s not gonna do much good to its future standing, I feel that I saw that community behavior —hm 262 C-2 hm— somewhere.

(There was nonsense here.)

The Mk 24 got moved down to 6.7.