Spitfire F Mk 22 is not bad against jets


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Good stuff

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With the exception of that 1.3km F84 snipe, every jet was actively trying to get themselves killed.

This doesn’t prove anything except that a plane with good guns can be OK if the enemy decide to play poorly.

We also dont get to see any clips where the spitfire gets stuck in a dogfight and then some jet comes to third-party you with no real counterplay against this.


I dont think the intention of the op is to prove anything. Nice to see a bit of mello content these days


It was a great video. It doesnt prove that the mk 22 is competitive against jets, that’s all.

I agree its not great against jets, im a spit fsn

The video is a good example of not giving up when faced with adversity.

Too many people in this community start every match looking for any excuse to cry “not fair”, so they can justify a reason to quit when things don’t go their way. Then they wonder why they never improve, and instead head to the forums to make a post about the +/-1 BR spread.

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It’s a great example and it’s a good video. But the statement is more about the pilot than the plane. The plane doesn’t perform as well in-game as it does on youtube.