Specific RP/SL bonuses for each vehicle type

I would like to put forth the idea that each type of vehicle has an RP/SL incentive put in place for actions associated with their intended purpose. The goal of the change would be to encourage a player to use a vehicle for its primary design/mission and be rewarded more RP/SL when they do so. The bonus would be vehicle class specific.

The RP/SL bonuses would be as follows:

Fighters - Destruction of other Fighter Aircraft

Interceptors - Destruction of Strike/Bomber Aircraft

Air Defense Fighters - Destruction of Strike/Bomber Aircraft

Naval Aircraft - Destruction of other Fighter and Naval targets

Strike Aircraft - Destruction of ground based tactical targets (vehicles, aa, pillboxes, ect)

Dive Bombers - Destruction of ground based tactical targets

Torpedo Bombers - Destruction of Naval targets

Light Bombers - Destruction of ground based tactical targets and small strategic targets (bases, but not airfields)

Frontline Bombers - Destruction of ground based tactical targets and small strategic targets (bases, but not airfields)

Long Range Bombers - Destruction of strategic targets (bases and airfields)

Jet Fighters - Destruction of any aircraft type (as there is no real interceptor role for jets, and only other aircraft are jet bombers and strike aircraft in applicable br brackets)

Jet Bombers - Destruction of tactical and strategic targets (bases and airfields) (only exist in early jet brs, and some have effective guns for tactical targets)

Jet Strike Aircraft - Destruction of tactical and strategic targets (bases and airfields) (take the place of Jet Bombers in the Higher br brackets)

Helicopters - Destruction of ground based vehicles

Light Tanks - Scouting Targets and Capturing Points

Medium Tanks - Destruction of other vehicles

Assault/Heavy Tanks - Destroying Heavy tanks and Capturing Points

Tank Destroyers/ATGM Carriers - Long ranged kills (longer the range the higher the bonus?)

Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) - Destruction of other vehicles

Self Propelled Anti Air (SPAA) - Destruction of aircraft

Motor Gun Boats - Destruction of other small craft and capturing points

Motor Torpedo Boats - Destruction of bluewater ships and capturing points

Sub-Chasers - Destruction of small craft and submarines (maybe? hopefully?)

Frigates - Destruction of small craft and Frigates

Destroyers - Destruction of small craft and destroyers

Light Cruisers - Destruction of light cruisers and destroyers

Heavy Cruisers - Destruction of Heavy Cruisers and Light Cruisers

Battlecruisers - Destruction of Battleships, Battlecruisers and Heavy Cruisers

Battleships - Destruction of Battleships, Battlecruisers and Heavy Cruisers

This will not get rid of all rewards if you don’t accomplish that vehicle type’s primary role, you will get less rewards for non-primary role actions and increased rewards for primary role actions. With that being said, these bonuses would require the general rewards requirements to drop some, possibly by 10% or so to balance the bonuses out overall. The bonus for a given action would be around 20% which would put rewards for most actions players already accomplish at around 110% and would only see lower rewards for actions not usually accomplished by that vehicle type. Of course, any bonus could be adjusted as appropriate and none of the bonus classes have to be exactly as I have written. They are just the ones that make the most sense to me at the time of writing.

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This would be amazing for 11.0 - 11.7 strike aircraft cause all the fighters take all the base targets so you have nothing to bomb and leaves you a sitting duck cause you have a full payload.
+1 from me

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Could also add different helicopter roll’s and have some additional objective’s/benefits for those roll’s

Utility Helicopters - Ground RB - Capturing point’s, Possible Resupply AOE when landed.
Heli PVE - Capturing points, Pilot rescue, resupply fob’s, Resupply Convoy’s.

Attack helicopters - Ground RB - Destruction of Ground vehicles, Destruction of helicopters.
Heli PVE - Base destruction, Convoy destruction, Destruction of ground targets.

(Possible addition)
Naval Helicopters - Destruction of naval vessel’s, Destruction of Costal weapon’s, Naval Resupply, Submarine hunting.

It would be nice to have a small reward for intercepting incoming missiles as well.

I wonder how your idea will be implemented for artillery vehicles . Like the M109 or BKAN for example etc. . They are classified tank destroyers but aren’t they artillery vehicles ?

I think this would be really cool!! +100

This is a really excellent idea. I have a few points.

Naval aircraft I think should be limited to just getting bonuses for naval targets. Naval fighters such as the F4U and F6F etc have both the Fighter and Naval Aircraft class and so they would still get rewarded for destruction of of fighters. On the other hand tho it wouldnt make much sense for non-fighter naval aircraft such as the SB2C to get a bonus from killing fighters.

Potentially give the torpedo bombers bonus only to large naval targets, and since these are quite rare, potentially make this a relatively much larger bonus. Taking down large ships is something I nearly never see done in Air-RB anymore and it would certainly be cool to incentivise it.

I do get slightly annoyed at the smaller, faster bombers simply going for bases and NOT ground targets, since the destruction of the bases contributes less to the team’s win. It makes me very happy to see bombers actually go after ground targets to help when the tickets are down. I think you could incentivise this by restricting the bonus to just ground based targets.

I understand that because the game lacks a lot of true jet interceptors (like the F-106), that it would make sense to give the bonus to destruction of any aircraft type, however I think it is a good idea to incentivise players to prioritise killing fighters rather than bombers, especially early game, and so I think this bonus should also be restricted to fighters, or perhaps fighters and attackers.

I dont feel qualified enough to give as detailed an opinion for the tanks and ships, but most of what you have written seems very logical