Spawn protection

I cant have fun with this game anymore. There needs to be more of a spawn protection in ground realistic battles. Why is it that when I spawn in I am killed instantly by the enemy team whether that be other tanks literally in the spawn area, helicopters camping the spawn area, or jets that also camp the spawn area. For people that want to get better at the game and keep playing this is a big turn down. I feel no motivation to keep playing after a crappy match like that. I feel like it has gotten even worse more recently, and that it feels like every game I play thats all that people do is spawn camp. How am I supposed to learn to play the game better, progress, enjoy the game, and think about spending money on it when I cant even leave spawn area without getting tag teamed by every thing known to man. How can you allow this Gaijin? I see this is an ongoing complaint from more then just me and you decide to do nothing? If it were me, if someone was spawn camping like that then it’d be a kick from the match. If it was occurring more then three times then id do a 1 day ban from the game, and even from then if they dont learn their lesson or just want to keep trolling like that you go up the ladder. I just dont understand how you expect people to keep playing your game and for you to make profit out of it when they cant even enjoy it. I understand the game is a learning curve, I understand it isnt supposed to be easy, but at the same time dont make it where you cant learn or progress because you keep getting spawn camped. I want to enjoy this game, I want to keep playing this game, and id be more willing to spend money on this game if you guys would just listen and fix this issue.

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Dude, for real, paragraphs and punctuation are your friends.

As to your post, I’ll attempt some quoting of your word salad…

A variety of reasons, #1 being your team wasn’t good enough to stop the enemy from approaching your spawns (for tanks); whether that is because they left flanks open, or all capture points have been captured by the enemy is left open for debate.

Heli’s and planes camping the spawn; that does happen. It’s annoying. It’s also allowed by Gaijin apparently. The solution: spawn SPAA and get some free kills - especially heli’s are sweet sweet pinata’s because they either sit and hover at distance, or come close and dump rockets. In both cases, a rocket or VT-HE round ruins their day. Planes, different story, because people that bomb/rocket spawn in CAS jets generally know how to avoid being SPAA’d.

Best solution for those is to sit in spectator for a bit and see if you can find out where it’s at. Or just take a chance, c’est la vie.

If you keep getting spawn camped, then something is wrong with the teams you are in - it happens, there are days when your team seems to be fighting against you along with the enemy. But, also, if it happens over and over, try to figure out why they’re there.

Is it because of an open flank? Then take one for the team and go sit on that flank and hopefully get a few kills off the goblins that want to rush and camp spawn. Is it because all points keep being capped away? Try to contest a point. It’ll get you killed, most likely, but at least it’s productive.

If it is because your team keeps getting themselves killed, and half your team has already returned to garage? Well… there’s not much you can do there.

In general (and I hate suggesting it because it is also a problem); if you’ve spawned in a few times and the spawn camping has begun, and you know there’s no way in hell you can turn the match around (either with your team or by yourself), take a deep breath, return to garage, and try again in a new match.

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Don’t spawn and just quit and go to the next battle. If they are in the spawn indicator zone, then you will not be penalized with crew lock…

Really? This is a new fact for me. In a positive way spoken.

Correct - but it also happens a lot where there’s 2 or 3 of them sitting just outside the indicator zone being all sneaky hull down where the chances of getting them by yourself are very slim, you’d need the rest of the team to help out on that.

Personally if I get spawn camped after 2 spawns I’m calling it a day for that match.


They introduced this a while ago, I think when they implemented that whole indicator zone thing - but I have no idea when they added that part :D

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This solution would end all the spawn camping problems, all other war games use it, why can’t war thunder use it?



I agree. We need a proper spawnprotection. An Area that provides invulnerability by area and not by time like it’s right now. And I would like to see a wider spawn area to increase the angle for potentional ambushes from the side if you push to close to the enemy spawn. That maybe could reduce the numbers of matches where on team spawncamps the other and make the game experience much more interesting.

Doesn’t protect against aircraft/helicopters which in my experience are the worst offenders of spawn camping. Now place some anti-air guns and missiles around it and you’re good to go.