Spawn Point Cost Redesign

Good evening everyone. I would like to put this preliminary draft of my Spawn Point Redesign for Naval and Ground RB up for some criticism that I could implement while I finish the entire spreadsheet. I have only finished the big 3 unguided bombs for now, but I am working on getting it all finished. Please let me know what you think of the concept and what could be improved as of right now.

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Air to air loadouts at no cost

As long as you still have to put SP for the plane itself but air to air loadouts are free, Im sold.

Yes, under my system, all ammo belts and air to air weapons are included in the initial spawn point cost for the airframe.

May I ask for the reasoning behind the place of the br split? Is it a rough cut off point from prop to jet?

I did it more for organization because eventually jets begin to mount their weapons on rails containing multiple rocket pods or bombs which will need special attention. I was initially going with around 8.7, but decided to stay with how the game begins to outline the difference between prop aircraft and jet aircraft. It has been much easier to identify which weapon fits each plane type since it already aligns with how planes are split in game and the wiki. Purely organizational for now.

Fair enough.
Good luck with the higher tier stuff. You will have to divide those weapons a lot more due to there being large differences that are not simply the amount of explosives.

I am not very experienced with heli stuff but I can help with the high rank guided munitions.