Spawn Killing and base camping

So I’ve contacted support many times about the issue of spawn camping. I played over 1000 matches and all of consisted of spawn camping for every single round I can Fight for a good five or six minutes by myself and fight five opponents at one time but the minute I die and spawn back I’m being spawn camped every single game and when I complain about it, they tell me it’s a skill issue. But the thing is, it only takes one person to sneak through the lines and begin to spawn camp and once that spawn can’t begins, the entire game is lost because one person can kill six or seven people coming out of the spawn before they can even kill him which gives the rest of the team time to get onto the other spawns and kill everybody else so the issue is the game is becoming so toxic because of spawn camping when people complain about something there are sitting there ragging on that person that complained trash, talking extremely vulgar and disgusting sexist comments creating such a toxic and hateful environment that is ruining the game to such a degree that people are actually leaving the game all together. They’re just deleting the game and every single time it’s always some person that’s sitting on the spawn that sits there and says it’s a skill issue , there’s nothing to do with skill there. It’s all about being a trash player and God needs to address this issue because I have spoke with them and spoke with them about this 100 times and no one will do anything to change it. I have plenty of ideas to change it, but they will not forward those ideas and they keep telling me to put something up on the stupid ass form about the issues that we’re having in hopes that some developer actually see this stuff with the idea of just doing what they say, but the fact is, I’m at the point where I’m about to go through and message every single one of their bosses until I get to the very tip top of the chain and I’m gonna complain and complain and show evidence of every single time they refused to address an issue and I’m going to show them over 1000 videos that I’ve made of people spawn camping over and over and over and over and then I’m gonna show them screenshots of every single toxic sexist racist comment ever made in this game To prove how disgusting of environment they are creating in this game when it’s supposed to be a game of enjoyment and fun in learning about Historical combat vehicles used in war in all they’re doing is creating a toxic environment of hateful, racist, sexist individuals that are just completely disgusting and vulgar in every single way and they do nothing to create a punishment system for those people they don’t meet them they don’t do anything to the people that are doing this and frankly I am done letting my son play this game. I’m never gonna let him play this again, because I am absolutely disgusted by the comments that keep coming up when we’re trying to play together people have no respect and when I say there’s kids in the room, they continue to talk about private parts in having Gay sex with men And boys and all the stuff that do not need to be hearing and yet no one will address the issue. I’ve complained too many times to count and no one has addressed any issues. No bands have been put in place no chat bands have been put in place people continue to talk so disgusting. It’s absolutely atrocious and if you’re listening Dev team then you need to go and take this further up the top and get some people to actually do their jobs because the support team is not doing anything to help this game. They just waive everybody off like there is nothing to be done issues are prevalent and nothing has been done by any of the people in the support department. They will not hear anything that anyone has to say because I have had friends log into the accounts and submit support tickets and have gotten nothing but the same responses that I get the support team. Refuses to hear anyone or any ideas how to improve the game and refuses to forward any type of messages to the development team to improve the game to improve the mental health, and the health of the overall gaming community, at this point, I am going to be sending a similar message over to the team at Microsoft and PlayStation network and I’m going to be submitting documents showing proof that this company refuses to address issues of racism sexism and hate speech and then I will further submit proof that they refused to improve the game in any regard and refuse to hear any person that submits a support ticket and I will start a petition to remove this game from Xboxlive and PlayStation network on the basis that children play the game, and they are being exposed to behavior that is extremely Inappropriate.

I would like to further say that the player base is also responsible for the absolutely disgusting behavior that I have seen in this game and all my life I’ve never seen such atrocious disgusting, downright despicable behavior on the part of any person in this world I don’t care how many people hate comments on thisam fed up with the behavior of the people in this game. It is just downright god-awful and despicable in every regard.


Skill issue


Skill issue or trash players with no skill resorting to litereally starting thengame and making a runnright for the enemy spawn and ignoring all the caps and instantly starts spawn camping or even better the devs make it possible to spawn move two feet forward and shoot across a lake and kill every person on the other side whos just spawning but the enemy cant return fire because they are shooting through a little nook in the rock they spawned next to and ruins an entire match…. Yeah thats a skill issue….

Wheni cap and fight off 4-6 tanks and finally get hit by a helicopter or plane And then go to respond and I have an entire enemy team on my spawn killing me so that way the entire game is over even though I did amazing because they chose to spawn camp. I am now losing the game. Yeah that’s that’s really a skill issue you sound like an incompetent twit

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You play just over a hundred games and come on lecturing the community about how we should all play?


Try 7000 games and i didnt start counting the spawn camping till 1000 games ago

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So again either your incompetent or you don’t know how to read

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Learn to play it and stop whining


I literally just explained that I die once after fighting off 4 to 6 tanks and I’m being spawn camp. I know how to play the game trash players ruined the game by spawn camping from the very start of the game.

If I creep down the side of the map unopposed and get a nice ambush position why the f*** would I not take it?


5 kills on first life
5 kills 1 death, spawn back for first time pull forward to move, instantly killed by one of 3 tanks hiding behind one of the many hills

That there is the iassue you are ruining the gme that way… i should suffer cause part of my team failed. No, what should happen is Gajan should fix the issue and create base defenses like they do on air realistic battles for the fact that if they did that no one could spawn camp, they would have to fight their way through artillery to get to that base and attack those people or Gajan could just simply put up barrier so that way people don’t die instantly

Bollocks, I play how I like and you play how you like simple


No, it shows a lack of skill, and it only hurts everyone in the long run because all it does is force people to quit out of the game faster. Most people will not use the rest of their tanks if they know spawn camping is gonna happen so that means less points and less silver lines for you because you chose to spawn camp and force most of the team out of the game sure you might win, but you’re only winning a minuscule amount compared to what you would’ve if you just fought the game fairly.

Im not interested in demonstrating my skill to anybody I am interested in winning and making the other guy suffer as I have done all this time.If the game allows it use it


To put it in context when I play a match fairly I pull 70 to 80,000 silver lions per match along with a 10 to 12,000 RP. When people spawn camp I pull 12 to 15,000 silver lions in 6000 RP because I only spawn with one vehicle, and refuse to spawn with the rest, so if that’s my outcome being a good player, then I can only imagine if you were actually a good player and you fought fairly you could be doing just as good or better

Same games you won some you lose.CAS ruin my spawn camping ,shit happens

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Spawn camping is an issue that won’t go away.

If you look at the videos of certain YT content creators, they’ll show you how fantastic it is to spawn camp and bring only one tank in their lineup with absolutely zero regard to the game and the round.
And they’ll just leave the round if the mode or map is something they disagree with. Not all CC’s(!) but there are many who do exactly that.

The community is going the same way…helicopter rush at the beginning is usually aimed at the enemy spawn and not the cap or sniper points on the map.
Planes rather drop their bombs in the enemy spawn…

You can either quit the game and move on in life or you adapt, because Gaijin has made some map changes and they have added the detection zones and indicators.
I, personally, try to have something in reserve to deal with spawn campers…Raketenautomat, USH, ZSU…something with pen and fast firing to take out as many enemies I can in the 20s of my spawn protection.


Spawn camping only ruins the game. This is the point of the topic you’re ruining the game you’re not making it fun you’re only making people suffer and it’s making zero progress for anybody. You’re making a little progress for yourself but your teammates suffer in the enemy suffers in the long run You’re not helping the game you could be making the game better and more enjoyable by not spawn camping and actually letting people fight for the chance to win a match that’s what gaming is about is a fair chance to have fun when you spawn camp you literally take that away from everybody including kids , it’s basically cheating

Its an over 16 game


Bruh your 0.45 k/d ratio shows how good of a player you are))
Stop whining and learn basic logic bro. If your base is surrounded then you’ve lost the battle so dont spawn any more vehicles and dont give em kills. It’s that simple
If you managed to fight your way through enemies to their spawn you fully deserve every spawnkill you make

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