Spawn camping still not fixed in air arcade after 10 years in air - truly pathetic

I was reminded today about why I stopped playing air arcade 6 years ago. Kinda surprised but not surprised to have more than one game complete wrecked by spawn campers.
Gaijin dont you realise this is why you lose a ton of air players? I suspect you do but dont care.
I was going to do the yak event but honestly its just not fun trying to play the game while spawn campers just ignore all battle tasks and just go straight to spawn camping. You cant explain the problem in game to normal friendlies who just lose plane after plane after plane.
Honestly its just sucks all enjoyment out of the game for me; so as you have never bothered to address it in 10 years even though I’ve seen a ton of great suggestions in how to deal with it… you can count me out. almost tricked me by staggering the events… thanks for giving me back 2 hours a day I guess!

Little nugget of gold for any gaijin devs who read this and may be a little clueless… You started staggering the events because people started to choose ground and not bother with air. Maybe instead ask yourselves why and fix it. staggering event starts wont work as soon as everyone realises you havent fixed anything…

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You assume that is the reason, to try fortify your statements, but I don’t see it being accurate at all.

Spawn killing is getting out of control.

I come across at least 1 camper every other game, sometimes there’s 2 or more diving form height at us just after spawning. I use the map on my tablet via the companion app and have lots of screenshots of spawn campers in spawn points. This might be the topic where i might just have to transfer them to my pc to post them on here.

Personally, I just think that they must be so crap in a dog fight that they can’t shoot anything down, so have to go for the “easy option” of immoral spawn camping. It’s so bloody annoying and even more unfair than the ground spawn camping though, because “we don’t have 2 different spawn points in 2 different parts of the map”.


spawn camping is not against the rules. It actually has another name, “aerial superiority”. Play the game the way it is designed and not the way YOU think it should be and you’ll find it to be more rewarding. Otherwise start your own game company.

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I haven’t played air battles in a long time but this is the most wrong assumption I keep seeing in these threads about spawn camping, and it is very easy to prove wrong cause if those players were so bad(crap) at dogfights then why no one stops them? Just climb at the start and stop them, if they are so bad then no more spawn camping.

Except that’s not what usually happens cause many of these players are among the best players from 1v1 tournaments and in the game.

Gaijin could make more spawn points and actually not showing them on the map for the enemy team, or you can just climb at the start and kill them before they reach your spawn. Since the first option doesn’t exist yet I keep using the second one and I never get spawn camped.

This doesn’t matter. People will just, through experience, learn where the spawnpoints are and camp them.

Generally diving away from them either shakes them off your tail, or lets allies gun them down once they loose energy. I only really run into spawncamping issues when running the J21s, but they are chronically over BRd and underpowered sooo…

That’s the problem, you don’t get the chance. As soon as you spawn, they are diving to boom and zoom you. Surely you have enough intelligence to understand that?

You are one of the typical spawn killers that condone it and one that “tries” to turn it into a tactic. If you want air superiority, have your height to B & Z in the main gaming area. To say you have air superiority over the other teams only spawn point, is not only unfair gamemanship, but selfish and immoral. Just shows what kind of personallity you have in real life.


You see this is the sort of completely irrelevant, never read the op comment before typing stock low IQ reply, that I love… and why I rarely come to the forum anymore. Its just people like this regurgitating and not thinking.

and you are welcome to carry on in your ignorance.

This is pretty funny. Imagine judging someone’s personality by how they play in a video game. Taking this a bit too seriously dude.

Dude, that’s not what Aerial Superiority is. If you don’t know what you’re saying don’t type in the first place. Air Spawn Camping is also known as the Loser Strat because that is what it is. It’s a desperate tactic to rack up kills because you refuse to learn how to play the game. Even when people attempt to allow you to do so. You could also say it is a form of insecurity if you decline to be taught due to your pride or ego.

If anything, the ignorance is from your end…

And what is it with you guys getting all cut up about people not agreeing with you?

The amount of people I see not calling out that someone is spawn camping, and climbing to stall out and die is depressing.

It’s a genuine tactic and people are ignorant for not communicating, and not diving as they should be to drag the enemy down.

The whole reason they are above your spawn is because your team allowed them to get there. Every fighter has the same opportunity to do this.

You skipped the main part where I said “make more spawn points”, having several of them and not showing them on the map for the enemy team would make it much harder, even if you know where they are through experience, you can’t be everywhere at the same time. But we could also have dynamic spawn points or be able to spawn on any place(at current spawn altitude) on the first row of the map from your team’s side.

“At the start”. Start the match, climb, kill all the potential enemy spawn campers and you won’t ever get spawn camped. I understand that they don’t spawn directly above your spawn, and that they have to get there so if you want to stop them, better do it before they get there, simple. Since you think they are so crap at dogfights, I’m sure it will be very easy. If for some unexpected reason they are not as bad as you think and they kill you, then you can always dive as you respawn and try to find an opportunity to side climb, but the outcome will probably be the same cause if you haven’t beat them at the start it’s very likely that they will kill you again after they gained an energy advantage over you.


So many are missing the point that we are getting fed up because we are trapped in the one spawn.

At least give us 2 spawn points like ground battles have to be able to avoid the campers, we only get 1.


I think that is a very valid point. No map, in any mode, should have less than 2 spawn points, period. The other thing that should be done, imho, is to remove the markers for the enemy’s spawn(s) from the mini maps . . . again, in all modes. I would also suggest that there be multiple “set ups” for each map, varied spawn points and caps, a variety. This would make everything less “static/stagnant” and give players other options on how to play the various maps. All this would still not eliminate those that are dedicated spawn campers, and that is fine. All it would really do is make it just a bit more difficult. Locating the enemy’s spawn points . . you know, actual recon/seek & destroy aspect being added in.
Spawn points are not “bases”, they have no point value, nor defenses like an airfield does. There is literally no reason to waste time trying to “defend” a spawn point and sacrifice time/effort in playing the objectives. It makes no sense. They have moved the spawn points back in air battles several times, with the reasoning being it would make it harder and less profitable for spawn campers. And I am just assuming that as I have no idea really. But unfortunately it didn’t change anything at all. The extra time for them to get there is nullified by the fact it takes even longer to get to the action, for players to die so they can respawn, so it’s just a wash. All it did was make flying to get to the “game” take longer and cut back on player’s ability to score. Making two spawn points and placing them appropriately close to the “action” based on the game’s BR would seem ideal, increase the action, cut down on the “everyone just fly right down the middle of the map and die in head ons” less of a thing, while still maintaining spawn campers abilities to do their thing, so . . everybody should benefit. If one spawn is being camped, used the other one . . I think it would at least be worth trying. The spawning system has been virtually the same the entire 10+ years I have been playing . . . time for some tweaking if not a complete overhaul . . . . seems like.
But I would also add that many of the dedicated spawn campers are not “bad pilots” or bad at the game and I am sure they are various reasons that they do it. Several years ago, I talked to one guy from one of those Squadrons that specializes in spawn camping and I asked him why they did it, purely out of curiosity. He replied “We’re trying to break the game” . . . . ooooooooooook, but why?
Made no sense to me then, still doesn’t… . lol, but whatever. I just don’t understand how shooting people in the back while they are unaware makes someone a “gunslinger” myself, but to each his own.
People, in almost any given situation, will seek an “advantage”, gamers are no different and may be better at it than most folks. So it is not surprising. A level, balanced, “fair” playing field scares some people. I am not a great pilot, worse at tanks, not great with the ships either, but . . I enjoy it. I like playing this game very much. I don’t look at any other players as “bad” people, we’re all just trying to make it thru the day. But I also think everyone deserves a decent chance to play & have fun . . . nothing wrong with that. At the end of the day, I think a better/upgraded spawning system would make the game better . . but that’s just me . . . one guy, just here to pew pew pew & try to have fun


This is a PVP game, not PVE. You prioritize killing ground targets because you are hopeless in the PVP game you are currently playing, and it angers you, people like you, that someone is pursuing the main goal of the game, which is to eliminate other players from the battle. They all start at the same time, you have the same chance of getting to the enemy spawn as them, if you fly nose down and shoot at the bots, die, and then reach for the bomber and get killed by a person from the opposite team, that’s only YOUR FAULT.

most of the people who camp are multiple tournament duel champions with titles, why would they follow you around the map and waste time when they can repeatedly kill you and people like you without situational awareness at spawn? This is the maximization of efficiency in what they do, instead of chasing a single player across the map for 40 seconds, they can effectively engage 5-10 people in combat and achieve much above-average results. You are probably one of those people who, if you reached the enemy spawn, would die on the first headon. Such a small difference.