Spawn Camping has become a mainstream attack method and needs to be addressed

Im sure if went through your history we would find you doing all the things you now protest against and smiling with enjoyment as you do.Im just not as self righteous as you.

I’ve already stated that I do inadvertently end up spawncamping because the way the game is designed pushes you to. Because the game only gives one or two spawn points and you need to earn score to progress which you are competing with the other people on your team for you are pushed to either go along with them as the game progresses and spawn camp or sit back and get no score while everybody else spawncamps instead.

As I have said multiple times already the difference is unlike you and your horrible mentality I accept that this is a problem and bad design and should be rectified, whereas you want it to remain the same as you are perfectly content with spawncamping.

Also calling me a hacker/cheater out of the blue is hilarious considering I frequently post videos/clips of people who are actually cheating on the forum here and have been vocal about my hatred at the inaction from gaijin to effectively deal with cheaters even when reported by the appropriate channels.

You see unlike yourself I actually would like to see the game improve, I would love to see ULQ removed (albeit this would limit people being able to play and aside ULQ now no longer is largely different from normal with the changes they made, I believe the only main difference now is sand/snow top layer does not render in ULQ as opposed to normal), I want to see cheating cracked down on and I want to see reports actioned in a reasonable timeframe, I want to see spawncamping addressed so that the game is all around more enjoyable.

You don’t.


Seems you have nothing to respond with. I will accept that as your concession.

Don’t worry, I’m sure spawncamping isn’t going to be dealt with any time soon my little spawncamper so you can rejoice in the fact that you will be able to continue to do so for the foreseeable future as apparently you would struggle otherwise given your insistence on it remaining.

I’ll just be over with my l33t PC hax padding my stats in the meantime.


first 3 matches of the day and all 3 within 4 minutes being spawn killed lol ok I forgot skill issue. Oh that said whole team rushes mid, guess it is a skill issue being matched on those teams. I even call enemy out on flanks and whole team ignores it. So are we really playing with real players did gaijin figure a way to use ai and make us think we are playing real people?

I even call enemy out on flanks and whole team ignores it.

Calling out enemy positions via map or chat is usually a waste of time. You could scout an entire panzer battalion moving along the flanks and people would still happily ignore it.

This game is you vs everybody else.


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No it wouldn’t all people will do is spawn camp or bum rush the entrances

Honestly theres very few maps any more where one can legitimiately spawncamp as in “sneak around the side, and park in a position where you can shoot the enemy team as they spawn while they have not lost the game yet”.

Which is what I actually consider spawncamping - your team still holds caps and is still fighting for ground in the rest of the map.

There are a couple (ardennes, Maginot Line are two main ones and do need some fixes)

But honestly the overwhelming majority of “spawncamping” in the game these days is when your team has already lost, the enemy team has pushed all the way through the center of the map, and cant go any further because they have reached your spawn. By that point the game is almost always over. Its not spawncamping if there arent any enemies left NOT in the spawn to shoot at and you hold all 3 caps.

Im very much not in favour of increasing the spawn detection radius, on some maps its absolutely massive and cuts off a significant amount of what should be playable area. Im also EXTREMELY against removing yet more flanking routes and further reducing maps into single lane brawls where positioning, mobility, and creativity is stifled.

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