Spawn Camping has become a mainstream attack method and needs to be addressed

My console has the same insides as a pc and even uses the same operating system, pc come in all sorts of flavours and manufacturers. Make the game work on 1 console and its good for millions that have been produced, not difficult in fact a lot easyer for game developers. As for tool for the job, wtf is a console

There are 15 players whose job it should be to prevent spawn-camping.
Unfortunately, everyone thinks “The other one can do that” … although … thinking seems to be in short supply again based on the amount of lemming trains I’ve seen in the last few weeks.

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When did they do that?

Some of the maps have been modified with ridges or hills around the spawns. So you can’t shoot into them, but you can’t shoot out either.

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Russians can shoot up hill while the germans, sweds and britian can shoot down

It’s not spawn camping it’s “spawn pushing”.

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,hen maps will have 3 times the current surfaces of simumator battles one, and 4/5 different spawns,… it would be addressed.

It’s an objective-focused game and it’s not practical to expect the average player to constantly be aware of what is happening everywhere on the map at the same time.

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I’m not expecting that. My own observation is that mostly those who complain about spawncamping are the ones who sometimes cause it themselves through carelessness.
I usually expect the worst. I am not disappointed 45% of the time.

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I never see any of these good Samaritans hanging back to catch the spawn campers, too busy darting off to spawn camp the other end.

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Sorry to break it to you but… this is me. I take one side of the map or one cap and defend it to the end of days. That way my team can concentrate on one other cap or at least not get outflanked from one side of the map. Sometimes I leave the cap neutral to draw in enemy players just to ambush them for fun. Beats knife fights in tanks any time.

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With CAS around I bet you don’t have to wait long for the end of days?

That’s usually the number 1 way, yes.

Edit: Though to be fair, it has been ever since CAS was am option.

Your a man after my own heart. Britain is my main

Its not good when the enemy has won and you have to spawn or get a crew lock

So this just happen to me on Maginot. 1 Spawn, 1 capture point kind of setup.
There were two enemies that managed to flank us and take up a position 600m from our spawn.
Mind that most of our team was still fine when they got into position. We even held the objective inside the town.

This is just plain bad level design. 2 enemies should not take out around 20 tanks as they spawn in. It only happens becasue the spawn location is terrible without any form of cover or way to counter the flank.

And in most cases this problem can be fixed by just having two spawn points.

It can also be fixed by people not wiping their brains when they die and remembering where the spawn campers are - and communicating it to their team. And maybe the people that aren’t in spawn can go take care of business…

I watched the replay. It’s classic. I’m not passing judgement on you. It’s just what I’ve seen.

Maps are from 3min into battle …

Your team …

Enemy team …

So one team consisted of lemmings blindly rushing towards the cap in the city, while the other team used the opportunity to take control of the map…

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Good learning material … Not that you need it.