Spanish (Iberian) Tech Tree

What I am going to present here includes a country that has already been discussed in this subforum, but I believe it was not properly introduced and the comments section quickly turned into a several-way discussion about unrelated topics that led nowhere. Also, it was introduced to the old forums, where the discussion was much, much more helpful and actually helped further develop the idea. Here is the link:

Long story short, what I am suggesting here is a joint Spanish and Portuguese tech tree. I have seen people argue here on the forums that Spain has no native designs, which is clearly untrue; just a quick look at the post, its link (the neocities one), and the five pages of comments is enough to tell that lack of tanks is not as much of an issue as it is with countries like China, for example. In any case, Portugal tends to fill the holes that Spain DOES have, and that’s why I believe that a joint tree (or Spanish with a Portuguese line, like Italy and Hungary or Sweden and Finland) would be a good addition if Gaijin decides to add a new tree to the game at some point.

If it was not clear by now, I am clearly more versed in tanks than in planes. However, there is also a post with a Spanish Air Tree suggestion, which then again, to my understanding, could use some additions from Portugal’s development.

I invite you to participate and discuss these ideas, however, please try to be respectful and don’t start arguing over unrelated stuff. This post is not about discussing if Gaijin should add more countries or not, bur rather if they decide to add a new tree, should it be this one? Thanks for reading all the way here and have a good one.


You should expand on this and post it in the suggestions tab, it’s a good concept.


There is also a full fledged navel tree that lupin III and me did way back in the old forum

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Also i updated my air tree proposal in combination with portugal.


+1. I want Spain in WT


Thank you for this contribution, I did not know about its existence!

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+1. I want spain as an independent branch in war thunder.


I am spanish but i do not see it.
Maybe combined with Argentina,Brasil or as a subtechtree will be introduced.

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As you can see at the topic title is the Spanish “iberian” TT, that means Spain and Portugal. Spain as the main nation and Portugal as subtree. Argentina, Brazil and more can have his own TT too with for example Argentina as the main nation and Brazil as subtree. And adding these nations (Spain or Argentina) as subtrees for me is not fair. We already have Israel and China who yes has his own production models but they are more copy paste in tanks than Spain IMO. In planes is a bit different but even they have copy pasted planes but with other names so as i said, if we already have copy-paste “nations” in WT we can have Spain as a country in the game, Argentina and more

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@ViktorKatona is there any chance of creating this topic updated in the suggestions part? I mean do you have the original tech trees to modify them and add the new vehicles of Spain to add it as a suggestion for the devs?

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