Spam of air spawned Pe-8 and Lancaster arcade players in SB

Hi to all SB players and devs.
Allies have a huge advantage in SB, such as Pe-8 and Lancaster with 5 or 6 ton bombs.
They have air spawn and appear over the batllefield at a height inaccessible to SPAA, when axis fighters are just taking off.
So allies could make first strike of 3-4-5 heavy tanks with one button, in three minutes after spawn in complete safety.
The most common type of profile of these players - no SB-battles, exept Pe-8, only arcade AB/RB
After first strike, those often leave the match.
So, thanks to devs, we have happy allies arcade one-button squads(!!!) in SB and frustrated axis players, who was blown up in the first minutes.

It’s worth it? Do we need airspawn in SB? Why the only allies have advantages in all aspects - like bomb size in this case, or the only one turboprop Wivern against pistons, or postwar technology like ebr, pt-74, char 25, amx-13 etc. etc.? Is it official policy?

Take away airspawn of allies bias please, respect the SB players.

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β€œβ€β€œβ€β€œSpam in SBβ€β€œβ€β€œβ€ … he have 1 battle in SB …

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Answer on your Screenshot 1. Left column:

Big fault, big penalties.

Reminder: It’s impossible to be accurate with bombers with moderate damage. & if the ennemy provide minimum air cover.

Remove that 320 RP and ruin 'em!