Spall liners are not modeled but fuel tanks absorb spall, why?

Why hasn’t this modern development been implemented but fuel tanks are modeled to act as such?

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You are aware that fluids such a fuel and water can be armor, right?

I mean, it makes sense why.

More importantly is to ask why certain armor doesn’t spall when it realistically should to allow for a a consistant gameplay experience. Arbitrary cut-offs in plate thickness in regards to structural steel isnt good

Yeah, why aren’t spall liners modeled?

It makes sense that spall liners aren’t modeled?

What is your reasoning for saying this?

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it makes sense why spall liners arent modeled and why fuel tanks absorb spall.

spall liners would need propper perferation simulation, not to mention documentation to cover what tanks actually have spall liners and what parts have spall liners.

Fuel tanks because they are big boxes of liquid.

This is already a requirement for all other aspects of tanks. What is the excuse?

read the message you quoted

You stated the reason for not modeling spall liners is because it would require the same information already required for every other aspect of a tank. This is illogical as it would justify adding spall liners, not choosing to not add them.

please read the message you quoted. Dont selectively ignore because you dont want to deal with the fact Warthunder as it currently functions would not really work with spall liners.

If they did propper perferation simulation it would likely be on the table.
And dont ignore “having spall liner” does not say what has a spall liner and what does not (edit: in terms of parts of the armored vehicle)

Diamondlag is just trolling is my guess.

i mention 2 valid reasons and if they quote and proceed to not engage with it at all, that will be my response

According to gaijin, spall liner is modelled in game. Probably why the Abrams spalls so much, it doesn’t have a spall liner especially compared to Leopard 2

Fuel tanks absorb spall, why can the same not be added for spall liners?

Model spall liners with the same characteristics minus the explosion as fuel tanks. What is the issue?

Nah you said a lot of BS tbh

You would not want that, how is sniping every individual crew fun? Also gaijin said they already modelled spall liners

Real question, genuine, do you believe anything gaijin says or do you fact check?

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If Gaijin modeled spall liners they would be a viewable part that is simulated on the tank.

Not every tank has spall liners, and not every part of the tank has a spall liner.

“how would it be fun”

It might be more fun that the current blitz style engagements at high tier where any penetrating shot is an instant kill.

Fact check how? Am I supposed to plant a bug in the dev office?

What do you assume when I said gaijin says they already model it? Is your assumption of a spall liner that it blocks all spall and that doesn’t happen in game hence you think they’re lying? Because spall liners don’t block all fragments if you’re wondering. I’m not even saying gaijins implementation is correct, you’re just using your assumptions as “proof/doubt”

“A. Yes it works, at the moment all vehicles in the game that used a spall liner of some sort have them or will be added in the future as more data becomes available. Spall liner in the game stops the weakest shards from the fragmentation cone, therefore in effect decreasing after-penetration effect. Post war Soviet tanks have radiation liners, that works similar to anti-spall, but only for the tiniest shards.”

I would like a source on that.