SPAA unbalance problem

As I’ve been playing in quite a lot of different BRs, there are major problems with SPAAs and the way they impact the battle.

Starting at around 5.3 there’s the Ostwind. When facing Germany at this BR, I always end up getting shot out of the air by some presumably high level players at some considerable distance.
Not saying that the tank itself is OP but it has a huge impact on the outcome of the battle since it’s not rare to see a single Ostwind completely blocking the sky for the ennemy team.
When playing with Germany on my side however, I rarely encounter any problem with SPAAs.

Same problem at around 7.7 with the ZSU 37. Now this one is really annoying. While the Ostwind usually makes a few attempts before downing me, those things can take me out from an enormous distance with little to no warning shots.
That creates a big imbalance as russia usually gets 4-5 SPAAs per game with the ZSU 37 and 57 and completely blocks the skies while other nations have nothing except a random M163 that can’t kill anything.

Is anyone elese having the same impression ? If yes, why are these two brackets clearly dominated by a unique nation while the opposing team just has to suffer ?


Absolutely, we need SOOO much more SPAA… Then it’ll make it not as obvious.

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Ostwind (2, the regular one is actually kinda bad) isn’t really a big deal, definitely powerful but fairly difficult to use. Germany does get a huge selection of usable SPAAs so you get to see them a bit more often than most and the BR just limits their ability to shoot ground vehicles, the halftrack for example is still quite good at 6.0.
At 4.3 and 5.3 we have ZSD and BTRZD which are just better than anything else, the firerate on these things is just so ridiculous that they had to give them extra long reload.

ZSU37 is a true case of russian bias, it being at the same BR as M163 is almost funny. Not really good enough to be put to 8.3 but raising it to 8.0 wouldn’t be enough, it’s almost like ~8.0~9.0 is a huge mess and can only be kind of fixed by introducing 13.0

Yeah Ostwind 2 sry for the poor precision.
I feel like there are a lot of very skilled players using it.

Im pretty shure you mean the ZSU-37-2 because the ZSU-37 Br 3.7 based on enlarged T-80 hull, isnt all that good, with a fire rate of 160 and ok velocity.

Damn you know what I have the same problem, but with AA on the side of the Allies, like m53, zsu57, falcon and so on, with huge penetration, they destroy tank battalions instead of focusing on planes, be glad that at least in Germany AA is used for planes and not to blow up several tanks at once.

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Are you sure about that?

Old wirbelwind went hard

The SPAA need a correct sight to combat airplanes, it would have to be a circle sight in which the separation between them was correct to shoot at different distances against airplanes.

Yes, because the Germans have almost no AA to destroy tanks, and it’s certainly not as easy as in other countries

Yes the 37-2

Yeah SPAAs used a TD is just pure cancer but for this thread i limited myself to the air efficiency

I doubt that comparing with US tech tree

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And I point out that AA destroys tanks all the time, if you follow gaijn’s logic, ww2 would win by doing AA alone, and the tank will destroy you and fire at the infantry, perfect

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Exactly, all ZSU 57 are used as TDs and so are the AA versions of the BTR. Falcon is also extremely annoying.
Basically this has rendered tanks that don’t have armour useless because you always end up being wrecked by autocannon rats.

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ZSU-37-2 is pretty garbage, imo; the search radar is slow and the tracking isn’t the best versus jets. WZ305 (8.0) overperforms it with the HE-VT shells.

However, could be 8.0 along with the equally garbage Shilka.

You can not tell a ZSU-57-2 to go AA dude…

I used the ZSU-37-2 and there were quite a few situations in which it was easier to shoot down planes without destroying them with the radar, since many times fixed on the plane you couldn’t give it a shot no matter how much you fired.

Developmental priorities.

There is SPAA for every nation at every BR range it’s just whether or not Gaijin decides to take the time to model it.

SPAA isn’t a popular role and the vehicles that drive the player count are MBTs and new Jets.

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Lol then don’t add it as an AA or don’t add it at all.