SPAA Un-nerf?

I have recently found that Convoy SPAA seems to be extremely deadly again. Have they undone the nerfs they previously applied? Battlefields still feel “reasonable” but my god, convoys are brutal if you even think about going within 5km of them


SPAAs of some maps weren’t affected by the nerf

Of course they weren’t, That explains why on some maps its insane still. Sinai and Winter Stalingrad are definetly both on that list


Yea like how hard is it to make every map nerfed at least a bit, not just a few.

So another realisation. Carrier AA no longer works, at all. No idea why, but they seem extremely inconsistant on how they want to AA to work

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It was so disappointing the other day when I took my 57mm Mosquito out to do something different for a change. I couldn’t even get close to any convoy without them blowing me out of the sky…

Such a pity that we can’t even use CAS planes to any degree of fun in EC anymore.

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I like it not being a walk in the park, but yeah, some targets like convoys are suicide without destroying the spaa at long range with AGMs first. Not an option below EC8/9. It makes many weapons and maybe even aircraft, pointless

After some more time, and playing around on more maps, Im becoming more and more convinced that the SPAA nerfs they rolled out in May, have all been undone. Convoy AA seems as deadly as ever, and I nearly got sniped by a battlefield from way further away than I could post-nerf. Combine with the fact that Carrier AA now doesnt work and AF SPAA seems near useless. Im really really not sure what is going. Devs? Able to comment?

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the developers should play themselves and fly over the convis. 5 minutes later it would be corrected :)