SPAA plane scouting

As title suggests, SPAA getting the ability to scout planes/helicopters/drones which marks them for both air and ground units, and provides a reward when the scouted target is killed and a reduction to spawn in something else.

I believe it would be a very useful improvement, SPAA needs a buff and an increase in rewards and this could help with that, give players who struggle to hit planes with SPAA also a reason to play and a chance to earn RP and SL by supporting their team.

Light tanks already get scouting and a host of other benefits they don’t need, planes also benefit from this scouting and have a field day just chasing all the markers that pop up, a rather OP feature as well.

SPAA being able to scout planes would help the team to know where the plane is at obviously, it would help planes deal with or avoid the threat, it would help other SPAA track the target, it would make it easier to deal with multiple planes in the air and again just a reason to play SPAA as the learning curve is massive, at least this way they have a chance to score some points and an SP reduction to respawning in a different vehicle.


I dont know about “buff” though certainly they need to make some improvements. Radar guided SPAA in my experience is no better than regular SPAA, as… and if I recall this was gaijins own admission… they deliberatly introduced errors in the radar guidance for balance sake.

But I do agree with value. I’ve always thought that the value for shooting down a plane is far lower than it should, and im fairly certain is less than killing a tank in the same match. There is 0 value for bringing an SPAA at the start of a match ready for planes to spawn, and this often means that until lots of planes begin to spawn, no one brings SPAA. Which means planes destroy everything. If they had a way to aid the early stages of the matches, and the be ready when planes start to spawn, it would be more dynamic.

Sure, why not?
In addition, I think adding animations to SPAA crews that make them point at enemy planes would be a nice little detail. They could be connected to the crew skill levels and help SPAA players a bit without being to arcadish.

Cant be done. The reason is so the game wont become 18+ due to death of seemingly alive personell. Currently all crew gets “knocked out”, not dead

This could be quite nice and cool. I imagine is at something like a datalink between ground radars and airborne planes…

SPAA is on the backfoot until top tier I’d say, with the exception of some SPAA with protected crew which are rare or proxy shells on the WZ305, and at top tier it’s just the Pantsir anyways at this point.

Radar guided SPAA is pretty useless from my experience, I have more success hitting with low BR stuff than I do with Gepards and whatnot.

Planes are the most valuable vehicle in a match, and whilst it’s nice that SPAA is cheap to spawn, the rewards for the difficulty you’re faced with are definitely not worth it.
Spawning SPAA early game is more difficult to make worthwhile, but the mode probably needs some AI planes and such anyways because even late game you can sit in an SPAA without targets.