SPAA next to useless

Misslie SPAA is next to useless with the current missile mecanics.
a simple barrel roll defeast the missile.

I had a 6 to 1 K/D ration in my Roldand3.
now i cant hit anything any more.

So CAS is stronger than ever now. nice balance decision Gaijin.

PPl are tired about Ground battles being dominated by Air
And you mage it even worse…


Disgusting game NO ground battle just Air.
Dont understand why not play airfanatics separated game mode.

And gaijin why not nerfed airbattle in ground. Max 2-3 in 1 time in air no more in ground battle or something capture mechanism need.

Airport never capture and airgame never limit, no borders No balance.


The missile changes were extremely negative towards to game imo, it has essentially nullified all nato SAM Spaa vehicles to the point noone spawns them, and most atgms carriers are absolutely awful now and again people have just stopped using them and switched to better vehicles with more reliable weapon systems.


I have both USA and Russia fully completed. All spaa are useless. The only kills i get in the pantsir are from people spawning in aircraft and flying straight after spawn. The missles are just as useless on pantsir as the adats they just have really long range so american mains havent learned that yet. The missles do the same dumb shit of flying across the screen out of site back and forth if your trying to track a plane flying across the battlefield


Funny how you weren’t complaining when you were averaging a 6/1 KD lmao


Can’t sell $70 premiums when SPAA is effective. Gaijin does everything they do with their bottom line in mind.
Same reason there is premium vehicles at a ridiculously low BR, they sell better.


adats missiles arent invisible tho

I mean thats fair for a good SPAA player

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Mid tier SPAA suck (except the German stuff) any bomber pilot with half a brain just flys high and carpet bombs spawns and caps as 90% of the stuff at this tier cannot hit them.

Low reward, high risk class. Some have ridiculous ammo as well, expending all their rounds in a few bursts.

If the OP can’t hit anything currently then they are not even close to a good SPAA player.

If we look beyond a k/d rate…

Gun/Missile SPAA’s at 9.3-10.0 deal with Helicopters and Strike Drones outside their engagement envelope. If you concentrate on the sky you’re an easy pick for enemy ground vehicles and vice versa.

Below the Missile SPAA at 10.3 you have no ground based means to deal with Strike Drones, so they should go up to 11.3 minimum.

Helicopters are still engaging you outside the SPAA envelope, but at least the ATGM missiles aren’t cheap to spawn. Still…I’d love to have a ground based counter.

If you then look at 10.3 and above you have once capable missile SPAA’s, but after the control nerf you’re not hitting anything anymore, so they are rendered useless.

And yes, you can jump into a plane and kill Helicopters and Drones with your plane, but spawning a plane and spawning a SPAA is quite a difference in spawn point cost…

Balance at high tier is simply not existing!


what a typical “no clue but i have to whrite something” post.
ty for your complete useles reply…


Skill issue. I use the Stormer at top tier and do fine with it. That’s 10.3.

i guessed you would come up with this.
if you would have played every other system then the stormer you would know what we are talking about.
The Stormer isnt even closly compareable to other systems like ADATS or Roland.

So play Roland, ADATS or Pantsir.
Then we can talk.


You’re trying to tell me the stormer is better than those?

I mean, nobody can hit anything consistently rn considering the missiles are hard limited? How about we climb off that big ol horse why don’t we?

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Maybe lately? Rolands/ADATS/Flakrak are all useless now

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the reason why air players are abusing ground realistic, is because they are bad at playing air realistic. the game mode is just outright bad. you fly for 5 minutes, and if you are unlucky, you just die, end up with nothing, and you got nothing else to pick.

bugjin tries to make it appealing by giving away huge amounts of rewards for doing ‘fine’, but that doesnt compensate how bad the gamemode actually is.

so they abuse the fact that in ground realistic, they only have to worry about one or two other fighters. other than that, they can fight off low flying bombers, or strafe mostly defendless ground targets. and if they die, they just pick another plane. even if they crash land bomb a ground target, that is actually encouraged, because they get rewarded through their suicide bombing with points to pick another airplane.

this game is going to heck, but it aint going back.


not better, different

Wa wa wa british mains are cry babies. Whoever thought playing a game on war vehicles and then choosing britain thinki g they would he the best must have been sniffing glue since a young age. All British military vehicles suck