SPAA next to useless

They really aren’t, it’s just skill issue.

I mean you are free to post clips of you killing a maneuvering pilot. The fun thing is though that you won’t.


mfw WW2 aviation carrying the allies… cough

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I kill plenty of manoeuvring targets at 12.0 with the Stormer HVM, a 10.3 vehicle which is gimped by GJN to only be effective at shooting helicopters. If you are struggling with SPAA vehicles that much at their own BR then you are obviously playing them wrong.

Idk how the stormer is but I’m telling you rn that I’ve played the adats and stormer since the updates, and if an enemy player is aware you’re shooting them there is no way to kill them. It’s extremely easy to dodge, and it CANNOT be mitigated or accounted for by player skill. Do not try to talk further about this without trying the Roland and ADATS against capable pilots


You realise SAMs don’t have a 100% kill rate in real life right?

What you want is a brainless, unrealistic, win-button that requires no skill, and has no counterplay, just because you are not clever enough to position yourself in a way where you aren’t exposed to CAS.


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SAMs irl don’t perform as badly as they do in game. They can turn after targets who aren’t flying straight.

Post your stat card btw. I’m not asking either lmao.


You know it’s really interesting how you’re willing to ask for my stats, when looking at your stats you don’t even own the ADATS or FlaRakRad. You’ve only played 22 matches total with the FlaRakPz 1.

So you lack integrity as well as skill?

I have every US ground vehicle in the tree. You’re just a blind mfer.

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Sorry, didn’t feel the need to waste my time trawling through the vehicles you have less than 100 matches in.

lmao? So you’re wrong and this is the excuse?

I don’t need 1000 games in a vehicle to tell you the missile has flaws you can’t overcome. Don’t be that guy.

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I made a mistake because I didn’t want to spend 5 minutes trawling through your stats. I apologise. I promise it won’t happen again master.

Do you play CAS at top tier?

Yeah I do

Bro just wants to have nobody able to shoot his plane in geound rb. We wants the brainless cas roll where he can fly around with nothing to shoot back at him while he brainlessly drops guided bombs… bruh your stat card is litterally the fkn example of skill issue. U actually suck at warthunder hahahaha


Yeh your right… Its a 95% hit probability for the rolands… Zero chance of it being that high in game atm.

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How many matches did you need to know hull aiming was broken back in the day, if something doesn’t work it doesn’t work, you don’t need 100 match to figure out the roland missiles are absolutely useless.

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I see more ofteh than not that jets dance over the battlefield, several SAM fireing at them and noone hits. then they turn fire a fire and forget weapon and then just fly acrobatics again…

I stoped spawning SPAA, because they all watch the spawn area and youre the first target for Mavericks and such…
as soon the spawn proitection is out youre gone
and often thats even befor you can find teh plane above your radar.

so very fun… sure


“If you train hard, put all your hours in, play the game 25 hours a day and 8 days a week, one day you will be good enough to shoot down bombers or helis that are 50km away with your M22 or BT-5 bro”


i love replyes who add asolutely nothing to the topic exept show that you just love yourselve talk…

ty for nothing, “bro”

E.g. VT-1 it unresponsive for the first two seconds of flight. Dunno about other missiles, but this makes it impossible to hit anything which is more or less over the ground map. Like rushing helis and such… After some km …hard to say maybe 7-8km they become totally unresponsive again and tumble until they reach their 12km max range, then they detonate. Means in the final flight phase they also hit nothing. The range of 12 km from statcard is just lol…

VT-1 carriers have no gun like the Pantsir…so theyre almost useless to repel close range attacks. Also F-16 with Mavericks and these TV guided long range gliding bombs use their ordnance from over 12km away if they’re skilled. Its classic…you can’t reach them. Gajin balance.

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