SPAA needs to be fixed

The current state of spaa needs to fixed. You can just sit with the helicopter at 5km+ range and therefore outrange any SPAA.
Me in the SPAA at 10.0 got no chance against a helicopter sitting at 7.5km. While the Helicopter can effortlessly kill me. SPAA needs to be rebalanced.


You play sweden prepare for hate.


Spaa has been an unbalanced issue for a while. Not all nations have comparable anti air, and the community will just say spawn a plane or heli.

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Plays SPAA from the spawn, the furthest area available on the map away from the air spawns of the other team, cries “I don’t have the range to do anything”, dies in spawn, cries “spawn killing isn’t fair”. This is so played out that the forum mods lock CAS threads because they are such an annoyance.

Also, you have HE-VT and a radar capable of giving firing solutions at 7.5km, you can 100 percent kill that helicopter. The M247 doesn’t have that range, but almost as soon as you get that lead indicator you can successfully engage your targets in the M247.

4km max range on the prox fuse iirc


That for most SPAA or like a game engine limitation? Similar to 20mm rounds despawning after so far for planes?

M247 Also won’t even give a radar lead until like 3km iirc

Not every spaa has a limit and no its not a game limitation, these rounds detonate to prevent them from traveling and damaging stuff or something far away. Also many of these types of spaa are made for low flying helicopters and jets but at 9.x and up many jets can easily sit outside these spaa max range. The otomatic has like 8-10km hevt fuse rounds iirc.

Exactly but trying to shoot from further normally is ppintless as the jet will have made a small adjustment to course and will dodge the volly of rounds.

You can check but for most 40mm which is the most common their prox only has 4km so again it further trivializes spaa as they have to swap to ammo without it whoch may or may not have tracers which will give them away. Moving left and right and being about 2km away makes helicopters basically unkillable which as someone who plays helicopters and spaa this is really easy to abise and get abused by.

At least 4km if not 4.5km. Im not 100 percent sure on the proxy self detonation range, it may be 4km like mentioned prevoiusly.

Stuff like the Bagel panzer iirc has like 3.5 km before self detonation, regardless im almost always on the side of gaijin should balance by gameplay over realism.

So where do you sit with SPAA? Out in the open in the spawn or in an area where you cam take cover and ambush a heli?

Sit out in the open radar.might work and you get nice clear view of enemy. Dies to missiles cause radar didnt see it nor did i. Normally in the open just cause i try to get the first view on enemy but it doesnt always work out. Normally depending on the spaa im a TD until aircraft is spotted for stuff that cant defend itself i just find a building to hide behind. Besides cant ambush a heli if hes outside your range. The z11wa at 8.7 has thwrmals but like 3kmkm missile which means you cant hide from me and im just far enough that ill basically get you while doing some slight doging.

Plays SPAA from the spawn, the furthest area available on the map away from the air spawns of the other team, cries

Yeah, should play from the enemy spawn instead, that makes sense.

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Ive done this with the type 93 while uncapping points. Sometimes being closer to the enemy spawn is better than in my own spawn.

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Yes, sit in the place almost guaranteed to have vehicles and expect not to be an easy target for planes. If you’re gonna be upset about planes, please don’t be the easiest target in the game for them…

Type 93 also isn’t a literal truck like most SPAA at that BR… not really that feasible to sneak across the map that way.



And maps really allow for this with red zones everywhere, even in spawn you’re not safe but you’re somehow supposed to traverse the map without being seen or shot to a magical spot you won’t get found.


Don’t ever sit in your spawn as an AA. It makes you sich an easy target. I just played a game on Hurgen Forest where I moved up almost to c on the side of the map and ambushed an Alpha Jet and a Heli from around 2km each and got pretty easy kills. If aircraft know where you are, they will have the upper hand. Even moving 100 to 200m left or right of a spawn can make you mich more survivable because you probably won’t be the initial target or noticed.