SPAA needs a way to rearm from spawn

There is absolutely no justification for SPAA to not be able to reload in spawn

Air is already able to fly back to the airfield and rearm safely there is no reason SPAA should not be granted the same thing


Well, depends. SPAAs that rely on their autocanons probably should. But Im not sure what it does to SPAAs with missiles. They will be just spaming them from spawn like crazy…

Can’t see how that’s a bad thing


SPAA reloads always at spawn…
when using Gepard A1, Type 87 or similar which have big ammo containers
these were reloaded when these were empty…
small ammo containers or single loaded shells will always reloaded…
so seems that the TE does not understand this feature nor will he accept it therefore others should do cry out loud for him

I think it is possible to add a place near the spawn that can be loaded from
going anti-aircraft to the middle of the map is something that is bad

What we really need is a dedicated SPAA spawn area that extends beyond the playing tank field. Right now SPAA and tanks spawn in the same area without sufficient cover from CAS.

CAS players will always check the spawn areas for SPAA and take them down as soon as they spawn, rendering SPAA useless.

The most vulnerable SPAA are FlaRakRad, Pantsir and TOR due to their size, they simply cannot hide or take cover in certain maps.


I totally agree, in fact I would put certain areas on the map where it should be possible to recharge the vehicle, although to balance it you could only recharge the vehicle once, you enter the circle, recharge the amount you can during a set time and then It’s over, you can’t fill more, it would be like when you replace a crew member, once that time has passed you can’t reload unless it’s in a capture. So vehicles with very little ammunition or SPAA would have the possibility of reloading ammunition to be able to continue. fighting, it wouldn’t be the first time that I ran out of bullets and the only thing I did was walk around. Also be clear that those reloading areas would be in more or less sheltered positions on the map, not in the open field.

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what do you mean? no ammo is reloaded at spawn to my knowledge.
are you mixing up spawn and capture-points?

More like they need to add an EC mode for ground and air combined. Instead of the same old lame gameplay which by all means is unbalanced as well

this, this and this
we need SPACE

also since the saclos nerf, it’s easier to shoot down agm’s than the plane that launched them, so reloading at spawn or near spawn is fair imo

also why are bomb not vulnerable to missile interception ?


Worst are all these rather small pit maps, which are surrounded by cliffs and mountains. Planes and choppers are suddenly above you and are gone behind another cliff in seconds. Zero detection possibility…almost zero reaction time. These death pits are annoying, Su-25 and Ka-50 always club everything inside. While the map space inside the ground zone is super restricted…elevated positions are blocked with rocks. Trees everywhere make spotting and radar detection very hard. Everything is so small and narrow. You can’t really reposition your AA truck to another location, its just mehr. These small maps just don’t support modern warfare.

agreed, maps for modern tanks should at least be 3 by 3 km, and i insist on at least

(also your description of the pit of hell made me think of 38th parallel)

I’ve always thought that there should be a way to replenish ammo crew at the spawn for all tanks.

I agree, I think Hunter brought this issue a few months ago. We need more space for SPAA and reward missile interception (they can be intercepted but it’s very hard).

The issue with top tier SPAA is that Gaijin put these new vehicles in the game without changing the maps, one of the worst examples is abandoned factory.

All vehicles should be able to return to spawn, repair, rearm and heal crews like aircraft can.


Actually not a bad idea. It is very possible as well considering we already have something similar in the game already! No, not just the captured points. There is a zone to get restocked ammunition and even has a little three bullet icon. Where is it?

It is in the test range! You know where we all go to test out tanks. There is a reload zone. Now just take that and slap it into the appropriate area on maps. Around the spawn should be okay.

I could of sworn this was happening in game, in arcade specifically or possibly assault mode, despite not having ammo stored. VERY slowly though. I thought maybe it had to do with reloading order or something. Like available ammo was shown, but all stored ammo wasn’t, so it would appear to come from nowhere and would take longer to reload.

I agree, its frustrating specially on maps where there is only 1capture point. If enemy is already holding it on ground, there is absolutely no way to reload your tank. Then even if u shoot down 3-4planes, it doesnt matter. Match is decided there, cause you will run out ammo and be helpless. U can just drive to frontline to die and pray for better mechanics

edit- At least thats now cheaper, thanks to mechanic changes :D