SPAA J'ing out before you can kill them

It’s a bit of a Joke that at this point SPAA can still Just J out and respawn and kill you, It’s so annoying to get into a position finally to kill an SPAA and have them J out and respawn ( with invincibility ) and kill you and act as if they haven’t just cheated, so many times I’ve dropped an awesome Bomb or managed to get the dam lock on the right target with the AGM65’s just to have old mate J out. is this the new Anti-CAS META we have now? is it just new players thinking they can avoid giving you the kill, Or is it that WT doesn’t enforce this passive gameplay anymore??


I highlighted this as exploiting, and got attacked for it. I’ve had it happen 2 times, with recorded proof, but apparently it’s not exploiting to leave the vehicle, but it’s the reason for leaving that IS the exploit, and to do it in the way they do, to make it not give you the credit…

It’s just dumb.


SPAA just shouldn’t have spawn protection from aircraft tbch.


I treat that the same as intentionally crashing in ARB.
Give em an L in all chat and wait for the funny reaction


People not wanting to give free frags as they have no chance against planes


I believe
I said SPAA, so I’m not getting your statement here. are you saying SPAA can’t kill planes?


Especially funny are the strelas and gepard A2s that struggle at less than 2km
Or pantsirs lol


In most cases they are at disadvantage.


Good because CAS is by far too easy atm.


That’s not the reaction to exploiting that should be had, as they are also a player like you, so if it were to happen to you that people merely j-ed out to deny you of the kill, you’d be pretty peeved…

But it’d be good because you had it too easy playing the game as it was intended, right?


Well yea but it’s more likely that a good player will get into cas cuz they can actually earn it.
And ofc, they’ll more likely also use it im a better way

Capping a zone or getting kill/s or assist/s is so hard man!


Well, besides that lmao

Had a guy like that in ASB yesterday. He would only take a headon fight with his AIM9L missiles (my plane has only AIM9J). When he was out of missiles and lost the dogfight, he would intentionally crash to deny credit. He did that 5 times in a row, then I told him he is a little B and quit the game.

Removing proxy rewards from ARB and ASB was the biggest mistake Gaijin ever done. I’ve been fighting for half an hour and didn’t get a single SL out of it.

Regarding players J’ing out… this issue has become so common in the past couple of months. Not only with SPAA. These people hear or see a bomb coming at them and they immediately just leave the vehicle. Almost feels like some youtuber is telling people to do this.


Good i will keep J’ing out when CAS tries to kill me, CAS is simply too overpowered currently nobody in their right mind should think mavericks with up to 20km range are balanced


🤣🤣🤣🤣 Mav’s don’t even reach the target from 14 km’s or right when they have 1 more km they explode lmao. The problem is for sure the overpowered mavericks

Yeah it is mavs work fine out to 20km since they have LOAL in both of these scenarios these SPAA couldn’t do anything as im outside their effective range


exhilarating gameplay! why would I ever J out when encountering such magnificent display of ski11z?


I wouldn’t be surprised, but I highlighted to the GMs, CMs and to Stona even how this was happening, but apparently it’s not exploiting to leave your vehicle…

So yea… It needs highlighting to them more because it definitely is an exploit and they’re really being a problem.

And spaa can’t lock abowe 10 km.(type 81 is the example spaa). In all aspect it only 6 km. Dunno man, at worst mav’s have 4 km longer range, so stop pretending cas is not handheld and OP. And don’t even get started on helicopters, they can only be locked relliabla below 2 km.