SPAA-Helicopter inbalance

I just answered the guys argument. i don’t use atgm’s. i use dumb missiles and cannons. if that didn’t come through in the original post I apologise, even tho I see multiple people here who literally visibly didn’t read any more than the title and are arguing about off topic stuff…
Edit: rockets, I mean dumb rockets ffs…:D

So you are telling me that me sitting in a dense forest with the Gepard, reliably locking helicopters at 2+km out is normal, realistic or balanced ?

I’m telling you that you’re making this up. All radars are subject to ground clutter and the accuracy of the already fairly inaccurate lead indicator is worsened the closer it is to the ground. Clearly it isn’t helping you much given your 0.5K/D in it.

What is unrealistic is the artificial buff that was given to all helicopters against IR seekers, and you still have the audacity to complain.

It does. Seversk winter, bottom side spawn on one cap game mode (A, left side village) I flanked towards the left of the map through the forest next to the spawn and locked the enemy helicopter 2+km out.

There’s very little middle ground, either you’re better off in a fixed wing Jet or:

  • you’re seal clubbing in something like a downtiered Lynx
  • you have extreme cheese like 1st spawn ATASK/F+F ATGMs/Anti everything Vikhrs

oh, and the only reason to use anything with Vikhrs is you didn’t get enough SP to use the Su-25SM3+Kh-38s ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Did you even read what I wrote? what else can I do other than, pre flare+have IRCM+dump -missiles- rockets and proceed to manuver+ flare dump and get to cover ?

Lmao, if you’re within range of an ozelot in a helicopter you have already made the single greatest mistake you could’ve made and you should be rightly punished.

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So being at like 2.9km out peaking out from behind a hill for 5-10 seconds while doing all that is rendered all useless cause Ozelot is OP as f. thanks for proving my point

Well first off you’re lying because the ozelot can not lock an Mi-24 at 2.9km, even in perfect weather conditions.

So try again, but with something that actually happened. Better yet, show us the replay.

I want to watch you flying into range of an ozelot for no reason and dying. Probably whining in chat after too about how unfair it is because you are incapable of remaining at a safe distance

on middle east i take off at around 3.8ish km from the battlefield, the hill that shields that helipad is just under 3km, which puts my maneuver at 2.7-2.9km away from the caps .
What I wrote is my experience, take it or leave it.

the dumb rockets self explode somewhere above 3km flight range thus I always fire them at 3km or slightly under

You’re lying through your teeth, I know from my experience in the ozelot and from having literally just spent the last hour testing with someone with various helicopters.

Post the replay, at least unlike you it cannot lie

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Lmao wait so you’re complaining that you can’t rocket rush in your heli?

Oh man this gets sillier by the second

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Fly low, fly with the terrain, and stay out of range of it, or just bum rush and rocket them before they can react.

Would you have the replay for that?

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Using rockets you should be using hit a run tactics staying low to avoid detection and getting out of the area quickly, not firing from 3km away… It’s no wonder you get shot down so easy… You have effectively confirmed what I tried to suggest, that you don’t play helicopters effectively and suffer because of it.
middle east.
05:00 “Gepard” correction i was in a ZSU driving through the forest and maintaining a stable lock.

so what should i do ? i cant get close because radar spaa like the gepard,zsu…etc thus i maintain distance and only expose myself for a small amount of time while flaring and than turning back into cover, like the middle east replay.
Do correct me, I am interested.

You stay low and use terrain and other types of cover to avoid radars and IR systems and strike with rockets at speed so you minimize your exposure to the enemy. Also, don’t fly straight toward from the heli spawns, be unpredictable, strike quickly, leave.

You are extremely unfriendly and aggressive. Where does it come from? I’m not even saying that I think you’re completely wrong. Unlike you, I use AAs and helicopters. You just play AAs and have 5 games with a helicopter. You obviously have absolutely no idea how a helicopter plays, nor what its capabilities are in terms of targeting and mobility. And yet you presume to judge what a helicopter pilot is capable of. There’s obviously no point in discussing this with you. If it’s good for your ego to believe that hitting a helicopter with an IR or radar missile is your special skill, then so be it. Play 200 rounds with a heli, then come back and discuss more. You’re just making a fool of yourself.


i am trying to do that honestly -the unpredictability in the middle east match, but I also have to acquire targets which requires me to have LOS…

I have little tolerance for liars.

You are one of them. You have made multiple statements that are absolutely categorically untrue and can be easily proven as such with in-game testing and you are using these false assertions to base your entire argument on to try to divert from your apparent skill issue.

If you spent as much time playing SPAA as I did you might learn how people play helicopters well be facing them and identifying how you could play better.

You would rather whine instead.

So yes, I have little care for your self pity.