SPAA from 1.0 - 7.7 is too difficult for players to use in GRB

Assuming multiple tanks aren’t destroyed, but we both know ramming isn’t necessary to aim bombs.


Which is completely backwards when the goal should be to increase the skill required to use CAS to be comparable to that required to play SPAA.

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Planes have 3rd person view lol

2D movement versus 3D movement

Oh you just don’t play the game, I see.


This is disingenuous. SPAA before radar tracking is not “easy to use” compared to flying a plane.

You can point and click at the sky, yes. Learning the proper lead for your gun and the distance / approach angle / round velocity isn’t that. It’s much more complicated than hitting the space bar while flying over a target (or pointing the nose and using rockets).


This is personal skill. This does not apply to general ease of use.

It’s super easy to hit a target at an unknown distance, moving at an unknown speed without any feedback as to where your shots are landing and it’s just endless trial and error whilst everyone in a 10km radius can follow the tracers to your location.


For CAS the most direct way to increase difficulty would be forcing cockpit view. Elsewise increasing SP cost is the only other way to have an immediate change.


I was talking not about overpressure, but about this
But still


Planes need to fly 7 or 14 km to airfield and than back. Any spaa can repair itself anytime on battlefield

Weather conditions are acting in spaa’s/tanks favour.

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Drop a bomb a little further and it will affect SPAA.

Ground units need to get further away from enemies.

Nope. It is far worse for ground units to spot a plane in rain/snow than other way around.


It is already quite a decent ammount of skill required, just it is already rewarding enough for people to learn how avoid aa and stuff. Also not get shot down by planes doing CAP…

then please force first person view for tanks

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It is far easier to cap a zone with reserve tank and destroy a + 1 B.R. tank with a bomb than doing the same with a tank.

then make it harder to cap a point.
Also it is far easier to kill a plane with an aa, than kill an aa with a plane, or operate with a decent aa to bomb anything.
Also it is very easy to destroy tanks with tank destroyers that don’t care about armor. This is not an argument against or for CAS/AA.
This is universal for some armaments.
Picking examples doesn’t proof anything, other than this existing.

It is not.

I can just aim HVAR rocket at the SPAA and it doesn’t even need to hit him in order to destroy him while he has to hit me (in most cases). When it comes to bombing, it is much easier to bomb an SPAA unit, epsecially because of overpressure mechanic.

And no one is talking about tank vs tank combat here?


Why do you people always post in the general section?

You don’t consider it difficult. Then do it in sim, without the spaa getting you first.

Not as easy without mouse aim!

And no “i don’t play sim” is not an argument here, you posted in general, so it always has to be true in every single mode. Post in the RB section if you mean RB, your problems are not general problems.

Why is it always RB players who abuse the general section. RB isn’t even the most played mode. Is it just arrogance? WT is more than just RB, use your section if you have no general topic.


It’s not hard to find. Use it.


Shooting down an aircraft going straight down is even easier.

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If a player does that, then it is not an unit issue but player one.

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Going straight is something that the vast majority of players frequently do while flying CAS. It is extremely hard to aim anti-ground weaponry without holding the flight direction fixed for a few hundred milliseconds. Many players hold the flight direction fixed for several seconds. Reducing the time and increasing the accuracy of aim point estimation is a skill that requires much experience, like the skill of aiming AA guns.

Bomb cas is super easy to use. All you need to do is have a bomb land near a tank to get a kill. I use cas because it is so easy to use compared to SPAA.

Rocket cas is a different story, it is harder to use and less effective.

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but you first need to get into position and spot the aa, that very well can hide in a forest and shoot you down, before you see it.
Also because of no ballistic computer you need to estimate the ballistics and especially with bombs kinda get close or fly from really high down

You complaining about a thing, that is normal without CAS needing to be involved.

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