SPAA from 1.0 - 7.7 is too difficult for players to use in GRB

Unless the skill to use CAS is increased its frequency must be reduced to make up for the skill required to use non-radar SPAA.


It is only a bandaid to a bigger problem, but is a step in the right direction, maybe by increasing sp cost for cas plane or give spaa unlimited spawn (controversial). What is your solutions?


CAS is equally difficult to learn as SPAA is.
Though I’d say bofors takes almost as long to learn as unguided rockets.
And 50 cals take as short to learn as large bombs.


Itemising suspended munition sp costs would help a lot.

not really.

The big problems is the SPAA themself.

Some nations have defence against air, being excellent AAs, light tanks with fast shooting guns, medium/heavy with roof mounted machineguns, TDs with either roof mounted machineguns and/or proxy ammo for the main cannon and so on. ( and they keep adding to this pile while others get f’ck all)
USSR is the absolut winner here, put into this what you like.

There there are other nations who have virtually nothing, and might as well give up when the air starts rolling in.

And please dont tell those nations to spawn in planes.

A plane cost at least 4 times the spawn points as an AA, so unless Gaijin decides to give those nations pure fighters with the same SP as an AA, it can’t be compared.

My solution.

Give all nations a counter for planes, MORE effective AA, not just some slow ass shooting monster where you might as well play the lottery when you try to hit a plane and say it’s an AA.

And now people get’s mad at me.

Remove the high pen ammo from AAs and lower their BR a bit.

They are NOT cheap TD!!

They are there to shoot down planes!

I’ve lost count on how many times i’ve been bombed while being surrounded by 1-2-3 AAs who are just pissing about in the bushes playing TD or how many time ive been bombed to shreds because people have used their AAs as first spawn like, as a TD.


Pressing space bar while flying in to a tank isn’t what I would consider difficult.


This cant be serious?

They are easy to use, i think maybe your expectation is beyond the practicality of the machines.

What exactly is so difficult to use?


If the player actually kamikazed into a tank to blow it up, then the tank’s team is winning that spawn point exchange.


But it doesn’t matter for a person in a tank as he is being killed by something he can’t fight back.

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Respawn and keep fighting. I don’t care for the opinions of one death leavers.



Some people just don’t want to die to something they can’t do anything about.

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It’s the exact opposite. They buffed low tier AA accuracy so much, that now I can kill 3-5 planes every game. Few years back it would have been impossible, because the shots were all over the place.

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CAS isn’t even in the same ballpark, not even on the same side of the planet compared to the difficulty of SPAA.


With what SPAA You do that? Please name one.

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dont bother answering, he wont accept it lol


Literally every SPAA except for the single 40 mm Bofors. Russian 4.0 to 6.3 SPAA line is ridiculously strong for example. So is the German 3.3 to 7.0. The only major nation that sucks, is the USA.


He’s just going to ask for proof with link or stats or videos (which i have already provided a ton)

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3rd person view, complete absence of interference from the terrain and nearby buildings.

No clouds. Yes, clouds, rain, influence of night, fog…only pilots have it, tankers have weather removed by default.

No damage from Fragments. Yes, the crew of an open tank simply does not receive damage from Fragments, but an airplane at the same distance will be torn to pieces by fragments.

Repair in 25 seconds. Pilots, fortunately, don’t have this function

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What now? When it is raining, I can see it while driving a tank. When there is fog, I can see it while driving a tank.

Overpressure mechanic.

On airfield?

It isn’t rewarding enough, but as every vehicle it requires skill to perform good at.
Yes, the skill curve is steeper, but the goal should be to increase the skill level of AA-players.

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