So i played 5 matches and in each one i got the F16C which is a good plane and i would go ahead and say it is the best but as i spawned in I saw a Pantsir S1. I went for a 45 degree climb. I dodged 3 or 4 missiles
and then the fifth one hit me and took me out. But stay with me, the problem is that sometimes CAS is to op because there is no SPAA on the enemy team or you got in the air just before a pantsir spawned and the other problem is when you have 4 enemies that each have a pantsir/ strela and you dodge and flare but you can not dodge 4 missiles at once(i know there was someone that did it reality but this is war thunder). So i suggest: Make the spawn 30 km away and maybe on the ground. Maybe add the radar for ground for certain aircraft( for bad weather ). The spaa are alright, the planes too but the spawn and the positions give you a disadvantage each time. Let me know what are your opinions :)

You know you have the option to spawn on the airfield already.




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still we should have radar for ground


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why not?

CAS is too strong as is already.

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Btw you can not spawn on the ground

and as I said

But you can.

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Screen shot please

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and Top tier?

I was talking about an F16C

Do airfields disappear at top tier?

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No but you have no option to chose at top tier

Cursed line up

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Do you have any top tier vehicles ?

Yes and I have reached the conclusion you are being intentionally dumb.

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