SP cost for CAS needs to go up

Currently, top tier is just a race to get enough SP to spawn in whatever CAS can kill as much as possible, most games i get bombed within 4 minutes… it’s getting ridiculous. Im seriously considering just leaving after 1 death, since its pointless to spawn again. CAS has all the advantages, can dodge SPAA too easily and just murder everyone from right on top of the battlefield.

I know im talking to deaf ears, Gaijim does not care about tankers and CAS brings in too much money, i just have to get it out of my system


“B-b-but just use SPAA planes bro.”


Here we go again …


Use CAS then ,get free kills ,simple

Why is it always about the kills with people like you?

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Because WT is PvP game?


We who we work, you are the one who said it. So by that logic, you are insulting yourself. We aren’t now back to the ignored comments you go and as I said your words, not mine so you cannot quote me on anything at all especially when it comes to people claiming CAS needs to go more up in SP.

Cause CAS doesn’t. What needs to change is the distribution of how much SP You gain. Getting kills depending on the context should give less while medals like assist and such should be the reason why you get more SP to spawn into an aircraft and gain air dominance by intercepting those who will bomb you or strafe you.

Pretty much sums up xd.

What does that have to do with it? Why would people use CAS that requires no skill when they want to play with tanks, and get kills WITH tanks?

Stop crying and go get your own jet and shoot them down yourself god people nowadays are so weak always complain instead of finding solution.


CAS currently costs 1/3rd of a nuke.
A fighter costs less than half of CAS… just shoot them down.


lmao, even. I got CAS (A1H with 242 FFARs, 6x500 lb bombs) for 1 assist and 1 capture.

That’s not even remotely close to 1/3 of a nuke.

‘Stop crying and pour thousands of hours into a line/gameplay you don’t enjoy because your supposed counter to CAS is barely playable.’

What fantastic logic, honestly, flawless.


Why would you ever use Mighty Mouse over Zuni?

I find Zunis are more consistent, because of their large payload they don’t even require direct hits in most cases. It also has barely any drop, so you can snipe SPAA way outside their firing range.

You can bring more Mighty Mouse, but you also need more of them to score a kill.

Correct. 1/4th in that case

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Not even surprised you’re CAS player.

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Some posters simply can’t understand some people aren’t interested in planes, even more so when they need who knows how many hours to grind that tree out.


My main issue is the grind, plus learning top tier gameplay with all the tech system’s like missiles and radar.

I’m a tank player, my interest is tanks, I like SPAA too but holy hell it’s useless sometimes.


SPAAs at some tiers are really bad, to the point they’ll only be able to hit full afk players in planes, while helicopters are untouchable.