South Asian Server PL issue(this happening 6 time in a row in 1 day)

Why is the South Asian server so bad I got 120 ping(that’s normal) but the ping just went up to 75% when it was gone it made my tank stuck in an open field forever. I can’t even shoot back and move, The worst thing is it lags in the middle of fighting, I looked at my internet connection 3 times it’s fine no issue I wonder if Gaijin has their server maintained schedule bc it is unplayable if this happens again

There’s higher chances that your connection is at fault than the servers themselves.

If you even use wifi, or even share your internet with others, it’s going to cause you trouble.

I have same issues even got 10 to 20 ping.

Probably, something happend for server hamster.

The internet works in a series of nodes, and one of those nodes you could easily share…

This forms part of your connection, and as I said, it’s more likely that it’s your connection than the servers.

Your ping isn’t everything.

Almost all players can’t spawn first few seconds and left from the game is not my internet issues.

You’re just adding to the assumption that it’s always the servers, of which I can assure you that it’s a higher chance that it’s the connection to the servers…

This is so annoying to try and help but have random ‘buts’ come in reinforcing assumptions.

I’m now on the SA server, and not seeing any trouble.

I just typed about wifi in “I looked at my internet connection 3 times it’s fine no issue”
even I checked my router and it doesn’t have any issue so what should I do now huh

You use wifi? Yea, that’ll cause it…

man :(

If anything, check your router location, try change the channel it’s sitting on. Limit who is on it.

Try knocking yourself back from like Wifi N, to G or something lower as sometimes that can make a connection more stable. Clear line of sight to the router also… No brick/concrete walls, and being not around high energy/interfence things. Fans and noisy motors will cause trouble.

But the reality is that the game absolutely hates wifi, as if it drops a packet, it doesn’t retry… It’s the reason why wifi has such a problem.

You really want to use a cable to the router fully.

Every week I have packet loss and brief disconnections, but that’s just my landlord’s wireless. I have faith in the snail.

I share a house with 11 other people and we all use the same modem. I can’t find a better rental here in New Zealand.

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lol the landlord’s repossessing your packets xD

It’s a joke. I’m 32 years old and I have to share a house with 11 people. Meaning I can never use the kitchen and almost never use the laundry. When I first got here I couldn’t even drive out of the spawn point without BAD NETWORK CONNECTION. We moved to a better ISP but it still drops the connection far too often, to the point that I notice. I try not to play live service games. Maybe just BR 3.3 or 2.7 until I get bored, but I’d like to move house again, once some new houses get built. There’s nothing out there right now and my city has 300,000 people. Corruption my bro friends - politicians don’t want millennials or zoomers to enjoy life. Can’t have a family, also can’t play an online game on a reliable connection.

You wanna look at a wifi mesh, or put an accesspoint in hardwired to the modem, as far as you can to your end of the rental, dedicated to those who ‘need’ the best connection.

I’m in NZ too, and I fought tooth and nail to get fibre to my house… I lodged ‘enquiries’ constantly about the fibre, and I really think the enquiries I made, made them put it in my rural outskirt area lol.

They have something like this already but I don’t know if it’s in use or not. I still think that with streaming, it could overload the modem’s tiny brain and cause it to drop connections. Another thing I need is a static IP address, so that my xbox doesn’t sit on the home screen for 20 seconds while the tiny brain modem finds a DHCP address for my xbox.

Yea, the streaming does do a lot… With that many people, anyone having facebook or youtube open will flood the network.

What you could do is put a proxy server in, that may help out the entire residence. The other option is to use QoS to bring them down a bit and prioritize the gaming PCs.

Also though, think about another access point… If you wire that in on ethernet to the main router, and run it out as far as you can, and be the only one on it, it’ll make your wifi a bit better.

((You also don’t want to be on wifi, you want hardwire.))

War Thunder has been pretty good to me overall. SA server sometimes has high packet loss at my place, but not always. Last night I switched from SA to US and there was no packet loss on the US server, but this is possibly a coincidence.

Nope, there is basis in that… Good on you for that initiative. The route to the servers varies, and this does cause some problems in some areas.

Being you’re in NZ, you’re best to hit the US servers anyway. I use them and end up with 200 ping stable, SA gives me 230-240 with a ‘bounce’ in the ping, EU is 300, and Ru is 350.

It’s that bounce that I hate on the SA server because that variance is actually causing trouble. The more stable the ping the better your game will feel.

Yeah US is more stable for me, I get 220 ping but it plays alright. Asia server sometimes gives me 160 ping but other times it’s no better than the US server. I think the US server isn’t as bad as I think. In fact, I mainly play on the Asia server in the hope of meeting kiwis and aussies, and also to support the servers when there is low traffic. The US server will always be busier so I like to use SA and keep people engaged with the game, especially when I sneak up in a fast Italian vehicle for a surprise attack lol. I want to believe that people will get blown up by my AS 42/47 and wonder “WHAT WAS THAT THING” hahaha. Maybe they will learn there are more nations, besides just Germany and Soviet Union.

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In naval battle, this situation gets serious, I have lost connect at least 4 times…