South Asian Server PL issue(this happening 6 time in a row in 1 day)

Yea, that needs reporting in full detail and demonstrated to the devs as a bug report if it’s actually really bad across all the servers.

Something is up with that.

Did it happen before? As I know the Naval server has broken at least half a year. I am not sure other server has the same issue which has lasted such a long time.

Ground forces, when they first came out, had trouble in regards to the missions being more ‘weighty’ than air matches, and they’d often lag out.

I think Naval could be facing that IF it’s able to be shown to happen on other servers.

There was some talk about naval of if someone had a bad connection, they’d lag out bad, be able to timeout, then reconnect to a match and have ships not firing. That was in the past few weeks someone mentioned that somewhere. ((But that could just be really bad wifi/connection to cause that, like the tanks spawning, and unable to turn the turret and do anything other than drive))

I am not sure about that, but in the naval server all of the players will lose connection with the server, so the game will end in 2 minutes because of the disconnect.

Do Ground forces or air forces have the same issue? Maybe I can report this, or it was not a bug but only servers issue( EU or Russian server won’t have this issue)

That can be reported, it just really needs to be done efectively and accurately to highlight the genuine issue rather than just a server drop, or a connection issue.

I think when the issue was happening (Because this is years back now) there were entire matches being affected.

With the EU/RU not being affected, what could happen is that because of the extra ping, or more stable ping, it could make the issue not happen ‘as badly’.

Definitely something to actually note and try make a compilation of situations that lead to it.

One thing I remember that used to happen and probably still does, is an EC match, running for ages, will get real choppy as the match goes on, and AI and stuff don’t spawn or play up.

And that can also be a symptom and a reason, if the AI/mission is intense, it can cause things to go weird.

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same problem here