How can this happen: that i have a russian tank 10 meters behind a building, where i know exactly he is there and peeking the same like me i even know its a 2S6 from its engine and its cannon shooting at my mates, i turned my engine off and then i get shot from a T90M 15 meters up ma a** and i didnt get to hear his engine sound until he fires at me? like shoot, engine sound apears, dead. That is happening a l.o.t!

Gaijin broke sounds on purpose.

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Sound has been really bad since they changed it for the abrams/NATO vehicles.
Regularly having tanks make no sound until 20-25m away whereas you can hear a scout drone for 100m+
It’s pretty awful.

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ok glad to hear its not just me…

Iself dont hear the german ah 1s heli’s. And the machine gun sound on my 906 seems broken.

Ever since the latest update, several sounds are broken. I sometimes get sneaked up on by vehicles who originally had loud engines. But now, i dont hear them any more.

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