Sound update made vehicles too quiet

Impossible to hear multiple vehicles despite being in total opposite directions.

Sound isn’t rendering for vehicles 10+ meters away.


Yea it kinda always does that
The sound inagme is more often a hinderance than a blessing


As usual, they screwed up something that wasn’t broken. Just had a T44 drive right passed my front at 20m at full speed completely silent.

Maybe stop hiring interns do work on the game.

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Apart of the distance and tanks without engine sound (an issue who is in the game from while ago) Anyone noticed now a diesel engine is louder than a turbine one? in general every tank who uses the Diesel Leo 2 engine sound are louder than tanks WITH TURBINE engines. I mean yes they are loud and everything but they are not louder than turbine engines and i know it first hand. Even playing with my engine volume at 27 (minimum) i can barely hear other engines nor friends nor enemys (when they sound). So why is that? A bug? A intentional one? A nerf? I dont know but is strange

I don’t see why tanks need to be loud in Realistic Battles.

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Tanks are loud in real life.

Sound play is a part of any FPS / shooter which War Thunder boils down to. Hearing the enemy’s movements knowing they’re around a corner playing off of what you hear what they hear. That’s why there’s a button to turn off your engine that’s why Gaijin takes so much time modeling engine noises beyond realism.

The problem at hand is the current update lowers the engine noise of all vehicles at longer ranges to fade out depending on proximity to another vehicle. They said they wanted to do this so vehicles aren’t overlapping / deathly loud but it’s made vehicles further than 20 meters completely silent. I do not like playing high tier when I can’t hear a vehicle 10 meters away from me because my ally is next to me.

I wished I had recorded those games where I had a HSTV-L sneak literally 20 meters behind and killing me without making any noise. Or Abrams surprising me around corners because they’re completely silent to the point where their tracks make 0 noise.

I’m happy with the changes for US mains, they needed badly but the fact that you can’t even hear their tracks is really bad for gameplay.

It’s all vehicles currently. Gaijin thought “well why model turbine engines to have distinct sound when we can make every engine not render sound unless they’re 20 feet away?”

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Diesel engines are still loud, I can’t really tell the difference. Tanks like the TKX and Type 90 are incredible loud so are the Challengers. Even Russian turbines are louder than the Abram’s.

I literally raged as I saw an HSTV-L drive past me without making noise. Make the tracks louder to compensate for the quieter engines of turbines.

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and you can only hear if they were coming from the right or left you can’t know if they were coming from behind or from the front happened to me very very commonly since the new sound Update

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I like the new update. Now you can actually move around without signalling your position to half the map. Use your eyes. Sound still works.

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Sound quite literally does not work that’s what I’ve experienced and what users here are mentioning. When hearing multiple tanks the game is filtering out other engines.

If the tank makes zero sound then no it does not work.

I have not noticed that. I have noticed that I can finally move around the map, which is a good change.

You’re saying this like cross map shots rely on sound. That makes no sense.

Many anecdotes state the abrams’s turbine is much quieter than diesel or gasoline engines after a short distance.

This is exactly why the sound changes should not be reverted…

The old sounds were not realistic in that a tank surrounded by friendly armor probably wouldn’t be able to distinguish an enemy tank over the other tanks. Keep in mind, you can still manipulate your own engine noise and other players’ engine noise, which is obviously unrealistic.

And as for whether or not its an FPS mechanic, the mechanic still exists, and should not disincentivize movement as it has for the longest time in WT.

This is a fair criticism but I will fundamentally disagree as playing around sound is an important feature on multiple “shooters” which is what War Thunder is at the end of the day. Not being able to hear the enemy around the corner or coming up behind you to flank is not engaging, especially with War Thunder’s current armor modeling for top tier where you’re going to die on first shot.

Sound is an important gameplay aspect.

Yes. This is irrelevant to the current system’s noise modeling.

I’m not even considering that as it doesn’t matter…

“I can finally move around now” denotes moving great distance, sliding from a position or finding yourself around the corner from an enemy isn’t what I would understand moving around to mean.