Sound update made vehicles too quiet

I was saying that players can now move around without a “shoot me” noise. I don’t see what you’re getting at.

The game still heavily prioritizes sound as a mechanic when it comes to detecting enemies. I think it’s more balanced now than it was before.

I think what you’re getting at is that since people can snipe without telegraphing their position, having the old sounds was fine for medium to close range engagements.

I agree that the closer you get the louder you should be for enemies. However, I believe that the sound system was (and still is) subject to a lot of abuse. It was like having a CoD radar map. Factor in ULQ and it’s a mechanical mess.


Crews wouldn’t hear shit inside a tank.

same, the sound before the newest patch was pretty clear but now I cant hear a centurion 100m in front of me. there has even been points where the sound hasnt played until there is line of sight.

average gaijin update
it swears that creat a new issue or bug


8 )