Sons of Attila - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

we’ll see

else next week

Or it just means they don’t have news today don’t get you hopes up other wise you will just disappoint yourself.
After all it is a Monday

Soon ™


Did you forget about the 530 pylons? 4x Magic 2 historical report got passed to devs as well.
So at minimum you can have a 2x Magic 2 & 6x MICA RF loadout.

Can anyone tell me what the cockpit of an F-16C looks like?

I don’t think they manually code the date into that, I think it’s just a set time after the update drops thus the Devserver shows it like that

but we can check that once the update actually releases but then we must keep that in mind for the next update

in the game?

Like F-16A MLU

I think Stealth should affect the standard visual detection distance, otherwise it would be VERY niche and almost useless, except when engaging SPAA

Except the counter to stealth is actually seeing the target, unless you are talking about player markers, but stealth should not make the aircraft physically harder to see otherwise you’re basically talking about an invisibility cloak.

well you got it right, it will be useless ar lower BRs

and the visual detection range in AirRB is already lower for planes without radar compared to those with

if the plane is so useless it needs an Invisibility cloak to work at 9.3 then it shouldnt be added

an A6E SWIP would be a better addition

I didn’t say it needed an invisibility cloak, I said don’t give it one, the F-117 will work fine at 9.3-10.0 with or without stealth.

because it doesn’t carry Unguided bombs either there is simply no use for it in Air RB

imagine grinding that thing with just 2 GBUs

it has to be a premium, there is no other OK way to implement it

Sure make it a premium event vehicle, they do exist.

Planes already don’t render, this is the last thing we need

Interesting the CF-100 got passed.

It does carry unguided bombs, and there’s POTENTIAL for Sidewinders, but that would be a stretch, also I did mean player markers, it should be render like every other aircraft, but player markers should be either removed for it or severely reduced, otherwise the stealth is almost useless

where do you have the info from that it used Unguided bombs too?

wow you’re fast at noticing that

thing is long overdue tbh Just like the leaked Gnat

although I still believe in Gnat this update

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