Sons of Attila - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

I think the f117 would be best implemented as something like a drone that you need spawnpoints for, because it essentially serves the same purpose as the ones ingame

The Jaguar is an afterburning supersonic which adds to the BR

but then we already have drones so we really only can place it in the never to be added folder together with B-52 XB-70 and all other post WWII bombers

There is definitely a chance we get the F-117 as an even vehicle to test stealth before they add it to the tech tree

Is the F-117 subsonic? I thought it was quicker than that

Supersonic speeds generate heat which is bad for stealth, even the F-22 and F-35 aren’t really supposed to go supersonic as it can damage the radar absorbing paint

But yes the F-117 is not aerodynamic and lacks an afterburner so it tops out around Mach 0.9

according to the cheapest of all sources it can go 1040km/h and carry GBU 10, GBU12 (both Paveway II), GBU 27 (Paveway III) or GBU 31 (JDAM) or B61 (Nuclear)

so basically a Worse Jaguar E

and really worse in every way

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and I may too add that if they implement Stealth correctly they may just put it to 11.3 where that stealth is useful

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I disagree, it fills the same niche as the Arados in the German tree, 2 drops on a subsonic bomber, but with the added benefit of stealth, which is something they need to get into testing, before other aircraft that use it are introduced

if you put it at the same BR as the Arados you won’t be testing the Stealth very much

so it needs to go far higher

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I think thats the key point, introducing it as an event vehicle to test stealth before it’s introduced in the tech tree, we probably won’t see it until all 4th gens are introduced though but I think we will see it eventually

I am just going to debunk the paint being damaged by supersonic speeds right now, that is entirely not true. The 22 and 35s regularly travel at supersonic speeds.

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I didn’t mean at the same Br as the Arados, it’s speed is far too high for that, but the point was, it’s a 2 drop subsonic bomber, we already have those, so there’s already precedent

Obviously not, but not having offensive armament isn’t a death sentence, the Arado and Vautour IIB prove it’s possible if the aircraft has other things going for it

My bad, the F-117 doesn’t though

If that’s how that thing worked it would still be in active service. Stealth is barely an advantage in the war thunder meta due to how maps and gameplay works.

f-35 tops out at mach 1,6 - it can go way faster but thats the max speed where they dont need to change the coating

and it would be of no advantage if it’s at a BR adequate for it’s conventional armarment

which to be honest Isn’t the reason it was made to begin with

Lack of News today MAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYIII Lead to Announcement of Technical Works for tomorrow ^^