Sons of Attila - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

So this might be a stretch, but I’m fairly certain any US pylon that can carry a JDAM can carry a dumb bomb, I know I know, I’m extrapolating here, but as a counterargument, show me any US plane that can carry JDAMs and not dumb bombs

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This one might be a dummy, but I’m pretty sure you can find pictures of live dumb bombs in it’s bomb bay.

Unguided bombs sure, but sidewinders are a huge stretch, the F-117 didn’t have external hardpoints so they would have to be in the bomb bays which means they wouldn’t be able to get a lock before they were launched, and the F-117 doesn’t have any other systems that would really allow them to see a target without direct line of sight from the missile as the F-117 was designed as a pure surgical strike aircraft, get in unseen, drop payload, get out unseen.

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Agreed, the only evidence we have is a retired F117 pilot who said that a secondary mission of F117s was to engage enemy AWACS, with sidewinders, but they would face exactly the problems you have stated, so even if Gaijin took that pilots word and gave them Sidewinders, it would be difficult to use them, though I suppose it could just be, when you activate the seeker, the doors open and the missile is revealed, then either you launch, and the doors close, or you stop the seeker and the doors close

I imagine it would work the same way as the F-106 (when btw?). Bomb bay doors open and the missiles are lowerd downward exposing the seekers. Though I doubt the USAF would’ve actually used it for that porpoise.

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so the only evidence is some random guy said so?

I remember my dad telling me from his time in the Kosovo that the A-10 couldn’t carry anything external and shot radioactivr bullets

doesn’t mean we get a Gun only A-10 in game either

That is what I said yes, and I did emphasize that with my full caps POTENTIALLY

Why are you even talking about the F-117 ?

some guy said someone read on reddit that someone else posted Classified F-117 documents on the forum

aka I have no Idea either, im just here to look for updates on the Gnat situation

Some guy did post restricted documents on the forum for the F-117, I saw it first hand.

Also the F-117 is an interesting aircraft to talk about because it would have a strange spot in the game

USAF really does need to better watch out to who they give their documents

Oh ffs Jes are we like 6 and can’t read rules all of a sudden

the documents are easy to find on google, they aren’t classified just export controlled I believe.

Still against the rules but it wasn’t like that Chinese tank round leak or the F-15 thing


I mean like all a spy needs to do is to make someone angry on here and boom a document even without going into that nation.

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the weakest link is always the human

that’s why I’m weak for Gnat F.1, and I’ll keep believing we’ll get it this Major until I see it’s not there after it being live!

Naw all they need to do is go to google. That’s where most of the documents are found.

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Planned technical works when ? but not monday

XF-2A Prototype better F-16AJ ?

I’m not sure aircraft from canadian add to Commonwealth tech tree or sub tree for UK ?

I guess AMX MMX 595 maybe squadron or event vehicle or premium GE in rank 7

I look forward modern IFV with fire & forget ATGM toptier from UK, france and china

I’m still hoping they manage to get the Python 4 ready for patch day

Canadian will probably be USA