Sons of Attila - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

Everything pointed towards a release last week but that didn’t happen. I give up on guessing. It was stated that this update would come in September, so it might as well be released in 2 weeks. Who knows what and why the decide to do.

Austria is not a sub/tech tree.
Mi-28A & AHS were trialed by Sweden.
KF-41 wasn’t even trialed by Germany.

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gaijin doesn’t have complicated rules for adding things

they just add whatever fits the need

it’s very simple and it’s nothing to cry over


The G.91 R/3 was made for Germany, and I agree on the latter. The Hunger F.58 should go to Britain.

then again the no rules rule fits

Germany had no usable attacked → give Swiss attacker to them

It is exact the same case as K41 you are talking about. G.91R/3 was made in Italy, by Italian company.



That was my point, there are no rules, but people keep making them up. The justification of France getting the SK105 was technical connection, while Germany already had all Argentine vehicles marked for them.

If people don’t have a problem with the SK105 in the French tree, how come all of a sudden there is a problem with a KF41 in the German tree?

Refer to previous post.
You’re comparing apples to oranges.

Tho I should include Hungary is a sub-tree, since that was absent from the previous post.

All Argentine vehicles are to go into Germany, therefore the same claims of a sub-tree. By this same logic France shouldn’t have gotten the SK105, only Germany.



SK105 is an Austrian vehicle used by Austria, which isn’t a sub or tech tree in WT, thus France got the Austrian vehicle as well.
Germany got the Austrian export to Argentina SK105.
France does not have any Argentinian vehicles in War Thunder currently.

So the rules are still followed.

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So you’re fine with a Greek KF41 for Germany?

There isn’t a perfect rule but it tends to go something like:

  • Did it see service?
    – No - it goes to the country that made it
    – Yes - it goes to the country that used it

  • Is the country that used it represented in game?
    – No - it goes to the country that made it/with a close relationship
    – Yes - it goes to the country that used it

  • Was it tested?
    – No - only use in extreme situations (see F-16AJ)
    – Yes - it could become a premium for the country that tested it


Greece doesn’t use the KF-41 currently, and Greece isn’t Germany.
PUMA exists, and there are other KF platform prototypes better than KF-41 & PUMA.
Germany doesn’t need a worse PUMA.


Vehicles from a nation not independently represented do not inherently constitute a subtree. There are only tree subtrees: South Africa, Finland, and Hungary.

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And Austria isn’t France.
The KF41 has hardkill APS which instantly makes it better than any PUMA variant.
No other KF41 prototype is pictured with hardkill APS apart from the Australian trialed version.

It’s Iron fist on Australian version as i remember.

As I listened to this talk, a question came to mind. If the standard is that it can be implemented as long as it has been tested, then Japan would be able to implement the F-14A (JP) and Su-27S (JP).
Regardless of whether Japan should realistically implement these weapons, is it possible to make a proposal considering the current conditions?


Light and a lot of shadow, which has become visible again, characterize the new patch!
Honestly, Gaijin, after all the opinions and often very emotional messages of the forum participants. I think you should rethink your strategy for the further development of this, actually great, game.
You can’t please everyone, it will never work. But you can create proven fair conditions for the players.
I think the most essential point for this is the gameplay, there are and were so many good suggestions for further development.
You yourselves have realized great features.
Another point is to represent the vehicles realistically WITHOUT errors.
The perceived or real disadvantages of individual TechTries acts like a poison! that shortens the life of the game.
In the long run a more moderate business policy can pay off for you.
The best for all players to have fun with the game for a long time and economic success for Gaijin.

Japanese F-14A would be cool but I don’t think it will be added, would be a nice event vehicle or something like that later down the line, maybe if they add the Iranian F-14 then they’ll add a Japanese one too.

The SU-27 though is a little weird, with Japan having mostly western style aircraft it seems a little more far fetched but I don’t see a reason why they couldn’t add an early SU-27 to Japan. Probably not with R-77s so it would never be the best SU-27 just like the Japanese F-14A would always be outclassed by the F-14B in the US tree.

They both work pretty well because they’d both be the basic early version of their airframe so you’d still have to grind through the US or Russia to get the more modern versions with better weapons.