Sons of Attila - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Im one of those drifting away…

additions to ground that would be simple and could flesh out the Tree are for example simply Leo 2 A6M which only added an armor plate on the bottom for increased mine protection and A7 which was made from Used Canadian A6Ms and it had a new laser rangefinder and a modified breach to allow a new type of time fused HE shell to be used

these would be great to flesh out the tree while just being boring leos

I think F-16IQ from Iraq downgraded medium-range BVRAAM limited AIM-7M sparrow

AN/APG-68(V)5 radar did it via PD Illumination but could be able AIM-7M ?

Let’s say Gripen C with PS-05/A mk3 radar coming to this quarter, I guess limited Air-to-Air Missile carries 6 Rb.74 (AIM-9L)

The F-106 is probably one of my dream planes for the game


Yeah very possible.

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Yeah man. Premium F-102 and TT F-106 would be swell. TT F-89H/J alongside for good measure and an (C)F-101 somehwere.


That would be perfect then we could also add the yak-25/27 /28 and su-9/11/15.The F-102 and F-106 would be so sick. Maybe also an F-101.


F-101C could work
Strengthened airframe, and 20mm cannons, thought it’d only be a single seater

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@Smin1080p on the steam devblog for the MBT-2000, the text near the end still says that it posseses a leclerc transmission, but this text seems to have been removed on the main website devblog. I’m not sure if you could comment on what exact version of the MBT-2000 were going too get?

Too my understanding there was a version of the MBT-2000 that used the condor engine from the Challanger and also possesed the leclerc transmission while the Pakistani version uses the Ukrainian engine and a different transmission(I’m not sure about the transmission on the Pakistani version) but I’m confused by what version the Devblog is actually talking about

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Oh yeah, can’t stop adding 1950’s interceptors to that list tbh. They are all great.

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@Smin1080p will the Chinese F-16 MLU get the targeting pod like the F-16C?


I don’t think it’s compatible, but i could be wrong

You clearly don’t understand that aiming for balance is the worst thing possible.
We should aim for machines being historically accurate, and then balance by BR.

Adding Aim-9Ms with JHMCS helmet to the F16C block 50 would be a great balancing factor to the existing Mig29 and Yaks141. And then they can get R73 missiles as they should in the first place.

Adding amraams later on could unlock J8F to carry PL12/SD10A and make it a fun vehicle to play.

Your head is just stuck in sparrow era, while it’s long gone with F16C of any block being added into the game.


I remember that ROC F-16A MLU has LANTIRN pod.


it should get it this update along with mavrick g

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Guy’s when would the teaser drop if it would drop today?

Could do…

Actually I have had this discussion with a few people before and we all have agreed that since gaijin doesn’t model the failure rates and historical issues with missiles and treats them as if they were in a vacuum and worked perfectly something like an F-101B or F-102 with only Falcons would probably fair just fine in game.

Wouldn’t be the best or meta by any stretch of course but they deserve to be in game nonetheless, same with other early air to air missiles.


i hope they add fox 3 missiles.

AIM-4s should actually be a decent bit better than AIM-9Bs and E as they have like 15+ G overload, so more similar to Red Tops. But it doesn’t have a proximity fuse.

The XAIM-4H would also be great for something like the F-106, as it would have a proxy fuse and 20+ G overload as far as I know.


a swiss f-18 would be more feasible fr