Sons of Attila - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

First of foremost can we get a day at least with out,

A. petty arguments.
B. 3K missile talk.
C. Put illegal manual covers on here. (Even though they are on the internet they are still illegal)

I don’t see that happening somehow

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Oh no If that SMT gets released to day it’s will be round 2

Govdleg yet?

Not time yet

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Why would you not decide on the block number before proudly announcing the block number and then backtracking on it?


You’d think it’d just cancel out all the USA bias talk from yesterday but I bet we just end up with Russia bias today instead.

Personally I’m just happy Israel might be getting top tier BVR again.

A british light tank suggested to developers?? Good heavens. Cant wait to see it in the update 7 years from now lmao

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Because the mentally ill F-16 mob was having a hissy fit

Because the whole thing is ridiculous.

All because the Block 50 might not be able to use AIM-7s, even though it probably could

i know, i know, its just that sometimes i want to put aside the competition and just fly something pretty because i like it. Its tre, the current modes of the game just support multiroles and fighters (but mainly fighters) and serves in no way strategical thinking (once you lose all bases you should lose for example). making a mode based on bases, on finding and highlighting them for the team, and destroying specifical strategical objects would serve rekons, bombers, multiroles and fighters, but this is just a offtopic rant, im sorry


Yeah i agree. After all war thunder is a game you play to have fun. I want submarines and interceptors like the f-106 etc. And I know they wouldn’t be meta but they would make alot of fun for me and other people as well. Isn’t that the main point of adding vehicles and features?

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next devblog will be the k9 vidar
with fenrir decal


so wheres the dudes that said its fake?


About 5 to 6 hours until average teaser drop time folks. Could be sooner, could be later.