Sons of Attila - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Yeah i agree. After all war thunder is a game you play to have fun. I want submarines and interceptors like the f-106 etc. And I know they wouldn’t be meta but they would make alot of fun for me and other people as well. Isn’t that the main point of adding vehicles and features?

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next devblog will be the k9 vidar
with fenrir decal


so wheres the dudes that said its fake?


About 5 to 6 hours until average teaser drop time folks. Could be sooner, could be later.




If something as relatively big as the F-16C wasn’t on this list makes me curious about what else we don’t know.

i like that decal but i dont want that pack just the decal

Ah there we go. Been wondering where the pre-orders were.

buddy maybe this leaklist didnt wanna spoil the surprisd

A preorder pack for Vidar? Unless i’m missing something here: A premium artillery gun?? What.
Cloest we’ve got is AVRE? Not an actual artillery though

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This seems to be a discord. Can I go in and see if this DC is publicly available

You act as if the whole list has already been announced! lol

Is that not a South Korean vehicle?!!??!!?!!?

getting 6 vehicles right is already a stretch

vidar is the norwegian variant


Oh, then no hopes for a South Korean tree/subtree xD

Such a weird pre order if so. It’d be like if the bandkanon didnt have an autoloader and was premium lmao