Sons of Attila - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

MiG-29G is no different to the MiG-29A in terms of gameplay though


These are my slats that I primarily use.

Correct, but it can be the R-73 carrier so 9.12 can stay 12.0.


So what BR are you putting those aircraft at, specifically the MiG-29G, F-4F ICE and EF-2000?

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Correct many use the History of Korea as a way to explain why it won’t work but even without political issues it would be illogical (more then F-16AJ). The current subtrees at least have somewhat connection to the Tree they are in, South Africa purchased British vehicles and even Sweden joint developed some vehicles with Finland. Also an fun fact is that Finnish Air Force first aircraft was donated by Sweden.

However if people are willing to give South Korea to Japan even thought it’s illogical then this same way of implementing should be allowed for any other nations which means random nations can be added random in-game nations in-game.

Medium and LT line will contain familiar vehicles in-game but the SPG and AA line mainly contain of domestic and homemade modifications from North and South Korea, so you have a mixture.

A variety of Pattons and Chonma’s which later models have been extensively modified (something you didn’t mention or wanted to mention) like many other vehicles in-game, not to mention that the T-54/55 and Type 59 also received slat armor something we don’t have in-game.
If the numbers bother players then Gaijin can folder them as they planned to do so with other nation and also can simple add 3-5 of most are modified.

Visual Tree by @spamanator500

What are these similar equipment then the M24, M4A3(76), MIM-23 or the MIM-104? South Korea has adopted different types of equipment from different nations (vehicles/air) that Japan does not have or even used the technology from several different countries which resulted in the K31 pegasus, KUH-1, LAH, KM-SAM

Even the K2 while having the same mindset as Japan for mountains terrain it still share more similarities to the Leclerc then the Type 10.

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I have a tad bit of a larger Sweeden lineupp tho i am also bringing things that proberbly shouldnt be there

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Nope, there won’t be a second MiG-29 on the German tree, none of the mods applied post unification will have any impact within the confines of the game. It was basically a case of retrofitting NATO standard radios and navigation equipment. You can turn the MiG-29A in the German tree into a MiG-29G with a new skin.

Unless I’ve missed something we don’t know what the next BR ceiling is, with that said upgraded weapons alone do not put vehicles to the top if the airframe can’t handle it. Since we have no idea exactly what is coming or when, we also have no idea what else will be at your proposed 13.3, so telling me to imagine X at 13.3 in isolation is completely pointless.

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Ahah, nice joke mate…
Actually countries that need a little love are minor tech tree such as Israel, Italia, France and maybe even Great Britain.

Edit: I don’t even play Italia, I am just honnest and I don’t just want my particuliar nation to be improved.

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F-4F ICE with AMRAAMs: 12.3 alongside R-73 Mig-29.
If either is more powerful than they can move up to 12.7.
If F-4F ICE can carry 9Ms, it can go to 12.7 while we wait for AMRAAM & 9M Eurofighters at 12.7 - 13.0.

lol That’s a cope. A 12.3 Mig-29 separate from 9.12 is likely.
We know what the next BR ceiling is… 12.3. And we have a solid estimate based on weapons & vehicles left to add… ~15.0.

Mig-29 > F4F ICE


So the Eurofighter with IRIS-T, Meteor, ASRAAM, and AMRAAM is gonna be in a matchmaker with the F-14A with it’s AIM-9Hs? or an F-16A with only AIM-9Ls?

The EF-2000 with the current matchmaker progression will likely end up 13.3 - 13.7 at least with:

  • 12.3 being F-15A with no AMRAAM
  • 12.7 being F-4F ICE and Tornado F.3 with AMRAAM on bad FM
  • 13.0 being F-16C, MiG-29M light fighter with Fox3
  • 13.3 being F-15 with AMRAAM, maybe early EF-2000

That’s not an exhaustive list just an idea of the general ability of each BR at least in my opinion, I can’t see any EF-2000 being below 13.3


No, its a fact, not “a cope”.

Germany’s MiG-29 9.12A’s and their MiG-29G’s were literally the exact same aircraft with a new designation slapped on them.
They have the same engines, the same radar, the same weapons… they were the same air frames. There isn’t a single reason to believe a second variant will be added let alone having one at a different BR to the one we have.

Dude, you need to read the full post before replying.

12.3 will have F-15Cs without AMRAAMs BTW along with AMRAAMs on worse platforms.
12.7 is actually closer to what we’ll see advanced ARHs with. PL-12s, MICA RF, AMRAAM C, etc.

Dont forget İCE can also get IRIS-T missiles.

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Dear no, Germany already feces too much of its own tanks (offten in a later and more advanced version), which got into other countrie’S TTs.

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Tough, Italy’s getting Leopard 2s no matter who the sub tree is.

T-28, T-34, T-33, S-2 F-86, F-4, F-15, F-16 if you want to count the F-2 as a derivative, UH-1 Bell 412, Blackhawk, AH-1 AH-64, CH-47, MD-500, M167 to SKs M163 and M167, M110, M270. While not adopted by Japan there is an M47 in the tree.

Counting adjacent equipment both have 106RR jeeps, LAV with top attack ATGM.

As far as the Leclerc and K2 goes the only influence it had was the K2 autoloader was vaguely inspired by videos of the Leclerc autoloader as per the head designer, but no actual consultant was brought in from France. In that department, The US, Japan, and even Sweden and Israel had more influence on the K2 than France did.

The Leclerc doesn’t have active hydropneumatic ISU, no composite side armor, a self sharpening tungsten round, ATDTS, C4i, soft kill APS, 12.7mm commanders station. Anything that the Leclerc and K2 shares, the Type 10/Type 90 also shares it.

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No, Finnish and Swedish Leos vs Germany are already enough.

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We’ve known Italy is getting Leopard 2s for over a year now.