Sons of Attila - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

That would make the leo pso most likely for a premium or event vehicle, woulnt say it is rank 8 material, that or the german will get multiple tech tree leos at once, which is unbelievable for me

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There has also been the G6, Ystervark, and Bosvark added from that nation. And though we haven’t had it implemented yet, the non-Optimum Mk.1B was seen in the files in the UHD textures leak ( )

I’m also wondering abt the Pvkv IV, from a different perspective: how might it 's introduction relate to the research tree condensation in the Changes Roadmap ?

Despite being a new vehicle, it doesn’t differ significantly in it 's ability to provide gameplay compared to the version already implemented ( Pvkv III ). Before the changes announcement I would’ve expected it to become a prem, or a low event prize - and maybe it still will. But there 's also the possibility that it could become a foldered vehicle, since the reduced barrier to unlocking it might afford it the chance to be used to freely provide another historically interesting vehicle for players w/o increasing the overall length required to the top of the TT. The same might apply to other variant vehicles we’ve seen leaked but not implemented, like the Avro Shackleton MR.1
or Nassau-class, SMS Nassau

I’ve also wondered how far the foldering will go, will it just be between related developments of vehicles or encompass full groups of ones w/ similarities in use, like the A6M2-N/N1K1 folder does ? Or even just vehicles which are similar to eachother in TT position/battle rating, like the erstwhile CR.42/G.50 folder.

Do we really need rank 8 so far? Imo it can wait a bit, until more irl stuff enters service at least…

I mean, they allready said its coming and was with Rang 8 air also no surprise, the only question realy is, WHEN will it come… (Mark Dezember)


Is it possible that we could see the Rafale-A C01 and or C02 at the same time as the venerable and upcoming Gripen variant?

They have very similar capabilities except BVR on the C01

I guess Rafale C01 & Rafale M03 something better Gripen A, especially flight preformance

I need you to talk to Dassault Rafale thread, this tread guess rumor only

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More interested in when the next economy updates are coming tbh. Hopefully not until August till we get some RP economy improvements.

I don’t want to speak for Gaijin, but I can bet you GE that Rafale, in any variant, is still far away, and will definitely come after the Gripen.

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No GE milan :(

Yeah Gripen A is mid 90’s and earliest Rafale is 2000’s with a lot more capabilities included limited, but pretty darn good, RCS reduction.

But Hungary already to be confirmed to be in itay. Majors cant have sub trees as they cant have more then 5 lines. Gaijin said the Turkish market is important to them as it brings even more players from that region. So what better to do than to add Turkey as a nation. So it can bring a whole load of new Turkish players.

FYI, Will be suggested under the Ukrainian Ground Force Tech Tree suggestion topic.

I guess early 2000’s maybe Rafale M LF1 from french navy, retrofitted 30mm GIAT 30M971B cannon, limited infrared AAM & ARH BVRAAM but without Air-to-Ground armament and OFS (Front Sensor Optics, which include the Camera, Laser range finder and IRST)

Doesn’t seen like anyone else mentioned it:

Yesterday 's episode of The Shooting Range, by gaijin entertainment reconfirms that new top aircraft are possible and planned, though no timeline can be shared atm. This was specifically in reference to a question abt the possibility of the Eurofighter Typhoon, F/A-18 Hornet and F-15 Eagle being added.

The show also stated plans for a segment showcasing 4th Gen fighters, to run once more of these have been implemented.

One of those is the Gripen.
What other 4th gen can we realistically expect soon?
F-15? Su-27? Early variants of course.

I have the F-4F ICE in my Mind

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“So what better to do than to add Turkey as a nation.”
add another country as a nation?

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Just because a market is important doesn’t mean they’ll just add any nation. India is a much larger market and they’re getting relegated to a sub tree within their former colonial masters.

Plus it’s not as if Turkey’s market is actually that large given the state of their economy, and again using the same argument, India is a far better candidate for a unique nation since they have unique vehicles too.

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And again the C&P argument isn’t valid as there is C&P everywhere now.

USA : 7

Germany : 38

USSR : 20

GB : 12

Japan : 21

So if countries that have a large number of C&P shouldn’t be added then way should the majors have them as well ? Or it it a case I don’t care about then because people can skip them ? Or don’t have to play them if they don’t want too.

Why should it be one rule for majors and another for everyone else ?


Congratulations, you just made an argument on your own because you just want to discuss your own agenda.

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