Sons of Attila - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Do you think there is any Magach left to add?

(At this point I don’t even know if it’s a serious question or a sarcastic one.)


Why doesn’t gaijin update the graphics engine of this game. The engine of the game is old and it shows that it is old. It seems to date from 2010, both the graphics and the physics engine, I think this game deserves better

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Is there still an event for the Bundeswehr day? There was a german decal leaked which didn’t get added yet and the bundeswehr day was on the 17.06.

Decal i was speaking about:

Last year was 24.06.

While it still seems likely, I never understand why so many people in the war thunder community always make claims that something is confirmed when it isn’t. I remember a bunch of people talking about how the Gripen was confirmed for this update and then surprise they had no way to prove it and it didn’t come.

At the very least, we can still expect the Magach 7A which was leaked alongside the 7C and 6B Gal to appear at some point.

Passed to the Devs for June 2023 is up: ( Suggestions Passed to the Developers - June 2023 )

Nothing I immediately recognize as being previously leaked or mentioned in Q&A, but there is the Curtiss P-40K which was on the original american Aviation roadmap

and HMS Vanguard(23) which is currently in War Thunder Mobile, likely to appear here sometime following that game 's full release ( icons provided by TZZV )

They overhauled the Dagor engine used for the game several times and make incremental changes most patches. Look at War thunder 2012 if you eant to see the difference.


The bigger problem is that there is such a range in the graphics, some aspects look great whereas others look like they’re from the mid 2000s.


That is because none of the old assets were reworked. In all Dagor updates they focused on lightning and ground textures which look good but the old models are really starting to show their age.
I really would like to see map asset update.


Yeah the engine is solid, many of the old assets are not.

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I’d really like a new engine to be developed, to take advantage of new graphics technology,
This and a NEW gamemode, focusing on teamwork and fun

litteraly in the devblog (of the J8F)

While the engine isn´t something like UE5 it is still very impressive and versatile and on paar with many other engines. “Better engine” doesn´t mean better graphics just look at HLL using UE4 well known good engine and compare it to Enlisted which uses Dagor. I would without a doubt say that Enlisted looks much better.
Everything is dependant on the asset quality, which is in WT´s case not that great because many of the assets are from at best case from 2016. If you look at the post 2016 maps (that use then new assets) such as Fulda, Maginot Line, Arctic, Abandoned Town ect. you will notice that they are way more detailed and noticably better looking.

Even in the case of gamemodes it isn´t really engine limitation (mostly). But it is decision they had made long time ago and in many cases new gamemodes would require completly new map designs. Which limit the potential testing ability.

@Smin1080p Any news regarding a rework of RealShatter?

Yeah the engine is fine they Just need to update some of the old stuff. If we can get Enlisted visuals mixed with the good ones from here then we are set.

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Thats actually downgraded they remove the NERA and replaced it with a few bricks of Kontakt-1 so dumb lel, why would you remove them they probably thought they are just metal, and K1 atleast protects kinda against the helicopter missiles but the angled NERA blocks on the 2A6 are actually more effective in this case.

It’s actually a LEO2A4 CAN from Canada.
You can tell it’s this version thanks to the small camera on the upper glasis that exclusive on the Canadian Version of the LEO 2A4.
So they didn’t remove any NERA or the angled NERA block of the 2A6, it’s just an adition of Kontackt 1 era.
It will be useless against any modern atgm but it’s usefull against RPG since the amount of protection on the 2A4 is weak for modern standard.

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Really hope the Pvkv IV is added soon – they’ve got the model, and it’s one of the few vehicles remaining that haven’t been added yet from the big leak a while back.

Oh, and I’d also really like to see the Olifant Mk 1B Optimum at 9.7/10.0! Could go before or after the TTD, but would just add another unique South African vehicle. That tree has sort of been neglected since it’s introduction (only additions after the initial update being the Sarc Mk IVa iirc?)

and drones

WHAT kind of staff do u see at rank 8? Russian ?