Sons of Attila - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Disappointing devblogs so far.
USSR meme tank and yet another T-72 variant…
Can always hope for the coming devblogs to showcase some IFVs for China, British IFVs and light tanks, Japanese SAM, new jet for Britian etc…

Early days right now, but immediately beginning to feel dread lmao


Pakistan use Al-khalid, it can a event/squad/prem vehicle.


As expected, no French AA or Italian Helicopter

Yea we do have the VT-4 popped up somewhere in the files iirc

Yeah, Pakistan has there own version of MBT2000 and VT4, the basic version can be in the tree.

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Here some information of it.


It’s not even cope, these are just very normal and unexciting vehicles. We have what feels like a billion examples of the T-72 now, with one more on the way. And a Heat slinger for the USSR I doubt people will even use beyond the meme factor.

China (my non Nato main) is in dire need of IFVs or ATGM carriers.
Britian is in dire need of Light tanks, IFVs, competitive aircraft

Instead, we get…well…the same as what we’re used to. I cant say it’s all that exciting to see more of the same vehicle each update.

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I hope we will have some low tiers stuff for WW2.

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considering its reverse speed and 1200hp engine , its hard to say its a t72

In fact ,all the samething between 90Ⅱm and t72 just 7.1s,updater t72,what a classic “ Russian rumor”,make fake “anscetor” on chinese tanks helis and airs to feed their poor vanity, lamao


Tier VIII ground vehicles Pls.
T-90MS, Leo 2A7 series, M1A2 SEPv3, VT-4 and so on.

not likely for this patch


I mean, his approach to the penetration tool was wrong, but so are yours it seems. What is the distance between the tanks? I assume you are using the 3bm60 aswell?

Furthermore, when in war thunder are the attitude and the elevation of two opposing tanks totally equal?

Can we expect another devblog more today? or that was it? @Smin1080p

I think that, the Germany TT needs much more new MBT than china. But yeah, it’s okay.

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doubt it

well it is no tier 7 mbt, this is the equivalent of the t72 germany got recenty

If we talk about need, Israel still lacks:

  • Top tier SAM
  • Light tanks
  • SPG
  • ATGM
    They have only medium tanks…

So true.
It’s a travesty we haven’t seen Namer or Eitan or literally anything that isnt 100 more megachs.

Same way that britian, who almost solely reled upon fast attack, hit and run tactics with light tanks and SPGs, has barely any light tanks or SPGs…
Like it was their main thing and instead we get Challenger 2 for the 100th time lol

So many cool IFVs, ATGM launchers, etc that can be added…