Sons of Attila - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Can we expect another devblog more today? or that was it? @Smin1080p

I think that, the Germany TT needs much more new MBT than china. But yeah, it’s okay.

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doubt it

well it is no tier 7 mbt, this is the equivalent of the t72 germany got recenty

If we talk about need, Israel still lacks:

  • Top tier SAM
  • Light tanks
  • SPG
  • ATGM
    They have only medium tanks…

So true.
It’s a travesty we haven’t seen Namer or Eitan or literally anything that isnt 100 more megachs.

Same way that britian, who almost solely reled upon fast attack, hit and run tactics with light tanks and SPGs, has barely any light tanks or SPGs…
Like it was their main thing and instead we get Challenger 2 for the 100th time lol

So many cool IFVs, ATGM launchers, etc that can be added…


Very unlikely to see a Double Dev Day until we’ve at least had the first Dev Server/Dev Stream. The only possible exception is if something like Rank VIII ground or Rank VI navy were to come and Gaijin has pre-order packs for say Russia and the US or Germany and decides to publish them together, but that’s not likely to happen either tbh

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Ahhh, I guess double devblog might drop tomorrow

And Israel no early fighter aircraft rank 8 with medium-range Air-to-Air Missile

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So finally getting the MBT-2000 … but still no ZTZ-96B?

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why should a double drop tmw?

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I am entitled gimme Leopard Devblog NOW!

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Looks like we have another mini event, anyone see a pack for this one?


here u go Gaijin.Net Store - "MGE" Bundle

Yes i know that

Yep, Israel needs more stuff to top tier. And hurry.

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New nation?

Road map pretty much confirms a new nation

Fyi, IRL Republic of China to get M1A2T early next year … with 38 tanks to arrive in 2024, 42 tanks in 2025, and 28 tanks in 2026.

it doesn’t. it hints at one