Sons of Attila - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Hope to see some balance brought to the game this update, maybe get some smaller nations up to the same standard as the big 3.

They’re already up to the standard.
There is no “big 3” really, unless you mean USA, Sweden, and Germany.
There are sub-trees in the works, and Italy’s on the next to get list.

Ah yes, the Soviet Union is clearly amongst the “minor nations” and cannot hold a candle to the great state of Sweden and it’s military might xD


I just find it weird people complained about Strv 122’s armor for like 3 months last year, and then suddenly stopped.
Even tho they’re still the most armored tanks in the game still.
Sweden will be among the first to get AMRAAMs, so I’m excited.
Wonder if it’ll be this patch… not a lot of indication tho.

The thing is the strv has like 400-500 mm of armor on the improved spots
The t80vm pens 570(don’t have the Numbers Infront of me ) alot of other tanks can pen above 600mm see the issue?


Weird since Leopard 2A5 has over 400mm of armor on the hull alone.
And last I checked the add-on armor for the hull brings total protection over 600mm.

See Gaijin have already stated that all nations will get advanced fox 3s at the same time so unless they go back on that Sweden will get AMRAAMs with the USA, Italy, and UK for sure seeing as they have platforms for it already and will see the R-77 and PL-12 at the same time more than likely give the outrage it would cause if they aren’t introduced

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also note 3bm60 is far from the most penetrating round

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That’s not what Gaijin said.
Gaijin said that when PL-12s will come when other countries get similar missiles.
However, AMRAAM A is not equivalent, and that only means that PL-12 will come around that time.
It doesn’t dismiss ARH additions, especially for testing, such as AMRAAM A on F-4F ICE.
However, AMRAAM B is coming this year in order for Gripen to be relevant.

You did it on purpose, right?
According to your logic, this BVM is shooting down a distant hillside, and your reference is completely wrong
This is exactly the case of correct frontal shooting

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I mean what Gaijin actually said was:

Which at least to me pretty clearly states the PL-12 will appear at the same time as other medium range active seekers like the AIM-120 and R-77

My memory is pretty good.
It doesn’t mean all nations will get them, it doesn’t even mean USA will get them.
Especially since I am certain first priority for ARHs go to J-8F, Gripen, Tornado F3, and F-4F ICE.
Aircraft whose flight performance aren’t F-16s, Mig-29s, or F-15s.

Picture not Rendering for me
I did what ?

Oh I see
But aren’t you Shooting from below?
I whish there was a way to set it to a fixed angle but there isn’t
Actually there is turns out I am just stupid

You had “consider camera angle” active.
Since T-series tanks [along with Abrams] sit lower than Leopard, their angle of shooting is from a further below position.

They sit a bit lower but it’s not a l3

I don’t expect all nations to get them, Israel in particular doesn’t have any compatible aircraft at the moment however I expect the USA and Russia will get them alongside China, Italy, UK, and Sweden.
The F-4F ICE will hopefully be added alongside the missiles as well as it should be relatively easy given the model for the F-4 exists in game already.
In fact the only nation I don’t see getting them is Israel seeing as that would require the addition of the F-15 which would also carry Pythons for Israel and that for sure would be a 13.0 candidate.
I understand why the USA and Russia could afford to wait for AMRAAMs and R-77s but I just don’t see Gaijin leaving out their 2 main nations for top tier air battles, so for better or for worse i reckon the F-16 and MiG-29 will get new aircraft that can carry those missiles.

Then your expectations will likely see disappointment.
Especially when you realize Israel & USA get F-15s since that’s what Japan gets, as a 12.3 jet that’ll fight the “light” AMRAAM bois.

Oh don’t get me wrong, Israel is by far my favourite nation to play right now and if we get an F-15 with AMRAAMs and Python 3s or 4s i would be overjoyed, I just feel like the F-15 will be introduced first with AIM-7s only and will receive AMRAAMs at a later date, I also did forget about Japan but i believe the F-4EJ Kai can carry AMRAAMs though you’d need to check me on that, besides if they really need to they can just make up another F-16 for the Japanese to carry AMRAAMs

Japan didn’t use AMRAAMs, they use AAM-4s.
Which is F-15 & F-2 only.
EJ Kai is tapped out with one exception: AAM-3, Aim-9M equivalent missiles.

I would be super surprised if Gaijin put the Stormer AD in there which is why I think this leak list is mega fake lmao
The Stormer AD is a single prototype, and has barely any available information on it. I was going to actually suggest the vehicle on the forums but the lack of photos, documentation, etc just sinks it.