Sonic boom on swedish jets

I don’t know if this is happening to anyone, but when I play the AJ 37 and go supersonic, there is no lack of sound in front of the aircraft/ supersonic engine sound. Is this an issue with my game or has anyone else experienced this?

That’s how it’s supposed to be. In front of the aircraft there will be no sound from a sonic boom.

What i meant to say is that there is still sound in front of my jet when I’m going Mach 1.06.

Oh. Is it like a whooshing sound from the wind?

no, you can still clearly hear the engine when going supersonic and putting your camera in front of the aircraft. this also happens with the j35 xs so you can test drive that and see if it happens to you.

Hmm okay. I’ll have to check it out tomorrow. I’m about to go on a date, so I can’t look rn. I’ll get back to you whenever I look if someone else hasn’t before I get back :)

Okay so I tried it out and I can also hear the engine when going supersonic. It is muffled though, so idk if it’s on purpose. You can also still hear your guns fire as well. I’m going to go with that this was purposely modeled recently, but I remember that you used to not be able to hear things like that going supersonic